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02-01-2009, 01:19 AM
Last list= FAIL

Ok so the last list didnt go that well but I can see why that is, then agian I was just making it for fun.

Units and what I have

Anyway I have quite few bits and bobs.

2 troops choices (20 orks+), A unit of black orc (10), 5 boar boys, a boar chariot, 3 trolls, and some night goblin squid herds (love this unit).

You might be asking yourself hang on a minute, this guy has no HQ what the hell is he thinking! Well thats just it i wasn't. Yeap I admit it, I started wfb orks when I was quite young and didnt rly grasp the fact of buying the correct units so there you go.

well now that i've bored u all with that lets get on with the list

The list

I am going to start off again but this time think. That doesnt mean I wont be using the stuff I leave out of the list (I will just add them in the future). O and if any body here has read my other list i'm going to still have my main Hero on a chariot (if its possible).

1000 pts army


Black Orc Big boss-85 pts
heavy armour
Spear (Porko's Pigstikka)
and for an added extra
A Flail with 3 balls but part of the chain wrapped around his hand.
total= 209pts/ 211 pts (if you have to add point just for the item itself and then add point for the magic item.)

was originaly going to use Grimgor for this in a higher pts list, but with out the spear (his axe is far better)
but I dont know if a can do this.

Black Orc big boss- 85 pts
heavy armour
Armour of gork
additonal chopper
total= 139pts/143


Orc boys 150 pts x 2
full command
= total 195 pts (unit of 30)


Black orc
Full command
total= 259 pts ( unit of 17)
Black Orc big boss will join this unit

list total= 997pts or 1003pts

Sorry for the confusion cant remember if u have to still add the pts for the normal items aswell as the magic items.