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26-12-2008, 12:21 AM
Welp I've decided to make an Orc Warband for Mordheim. Don't play, just learning the rules since I've been playing fantasy (guess I should update my ogre log...)...

Anyways with my starting 500GP here's my starting warband thus far...(Comments/Crit of course is welcomed).

Double Handed Ax
Battle Ax


Morning Star


Big Un'-
Battle Ax
Battle Ax


Big Un'-
Double Handed Weapon


Arrer Boys(x3)-


Arrer Boy-


Orc Boy(x3)
Battle Ax


All Total-500gp

What do we think?

26-12-2008, 01:02 AM
First off, Mordhiem is alot of fun.. anyone who hasn't given it a try really should..

For your starting warband, I would suggest giving your boss and big un's helmets, it really helps keep them alive.
I also find that axes in mordhiem see very little use.. very few people have a armor save, and 2/3 of crits ignore armor anyways. Your much better off with the cheaper clubs/maces. For hero types a combo of Sword/Club is often very effective. The two handed weapons aren't really a good idea at the start. They always strike last, even on the charge. Until a hero has the strong man skill and at least two attacks I just leave them off. (Sometimes one henchman equipped with them is a good idea.. to can opener tough stuff.) In our campaign we quickly found that the crossbow is king.. so you might try to get one or more of those in if you can. (Maybe even switch the bows to the big un's and boss.) For archer types a club/dagger combo is a cheap way to keep them defending themselves.
A quick and effective combo is to pair one henchman with one hero.. they fight together, and when the henchman knocks someone down the hero is there to finish them off and gain the exp. (Once someone is on the ground you don't roll on the injury table.. instead you just remove the model if you wound it.)

26-12-2008, 01:32 AM
Helmets are indeed life savers, been a big fan of crossbows as well ;)

29-12-2008, 05:28 AM
Agreed with Jasfmpgh and Heph. The two most important things I like to emphasize are having all available heroes in your beginning warband (good job!), and helmets/crossbows are rocking. Here are my suggestions;

1. Dump the double handed weapons, unless you are going to be playing people with alot of Rat Ogres/Possessed/Trolls, two hand weapons is more useful for multiple attacks.

2. Don't bother to give your archers hand weapons at first. They probably won't see hand to hand combat at first. And if they do, they'll probably die. Let them.

3. However, one thing they neglect to mention is that Mordheim is a strictly numbers game, which is why crossbows are king. I would suggest taking a bunch of henchmen with almost nothing. For instance;

ORc; 25 GC
Battle Ax 5GC
Total 30 GC.

These guys are imperitive in the beginning. In the first few turns of a campaign it can be far more beneficial to lose then to win. If you send henchmen forward to get slaughtered, after you hit the route point, you volunterly route and keep all of your heroes alive and active for the exploration phase. That way you don't risk losing money in the beginning. Yes, your heroes will not gain the extra experience for killing foes, BUT you can grow your warband and get them better wargear.

29-12-2008, 05:45 PM
Just as a heads up Malc, I heard Marty is planning on another mordhiem campaign this summer.

30-12-2008, 02:01 PM
Is Malc on here? I didn't know that. I would look forward to another campaign. Chaos would leave the shelf of retirement!

30-12-2008, 03:13 PM
i got a mordheim campaign starting in the next few weeks should be good, got an orc player in that, 2 of us with skaven, a beastman player and vampire. so should be brutal