View Full Version : Help! Dark Elf vs. Dwarf

10-12-2008, 09:44 PM
I would like some tactics on the best way to play dwarfs using Dark Elves. I play them all the time and they are the toughest opponent I face in my opinion. The biggest issue last time wasn't so much that my units did not do well against him in combat. I was doing well. But at the end he had so much more bonus VP's from banners than me that it just did not matter it it looked really close judging by how the table looked afterwards. I mean, he had a lot less units than I did which means less possible banners for me to try and capture. But he also did not even put banners in his thunderer units. (which I do the same on my missile units) It's just that he already did not have as many units out as me, and even in those not all had banners. I was able to capture his battle standard banner but thats it. The other one I captured he was able to capture back.

Basically, I am stumped because I realize how important Combat Resolution is, especially when facing an army with high toughness. (high toughness=less kills / likewise dark elves: toughness 3= easier kills, which in turn all together means a lower possibility for me to win combat resolution) So, I need banners, and any other static CR I can muster. But, it sucks knowing that I need banners but it's those very banners that in the end might be my downfall....UGH!!!!:(

14-12-2008, 12:03 AM
Well, it really depends on the armies and your playing style. I tend to win big or lose big so the banners aren't an issue for me.

Post a list for you andyuor oppoent and roughly what happeded, and i will see what I can do.