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07-12-2008, 09:22 PM
I'm new to warhammer, barely been playing for a couple of weeks but i've got this orcs and goblins army list. Take a look and please feel free to tell me if i could make improvements.:)

Orc boar chariot
80 pts

24 black orcs
full command
extra hand weapon
378 pts

10 spider riders
143 pts

1 shaman on boar
staff of badoom
121 pts

20 goblin archers
80 pts

30 night goblins
full command
102 pts

30 goblins
90 pts

TOTAL:994 pts

08-12-2008, 05:50 AM
Well I do not play an Orcs and Goblins army but I play against them all the time. I do know a little that may help.

Well, it seems like a nice list for a 1k list. Since O&G's are a mass army, it's good that you have a lot on the list. My only advice would be to not take the full command on your goblin units. Take the musician, and veteran, but do not pay the points for the standard bearer. The reason why I say this is simple and I'll tell ya why. Like I said before that O&G's are a mass army. Your Orcs, for the most part, are the main force of power in the army. Your goblins are their for mass numbers but are weak and as such are just cannon fodder. They hold up the enemy while your orcs get close enough to fight, while keeping them from getting too shot up. The good thing is that if a Goblin unit breaks in close combat, the flees through one of your orc units, they do NOT cause panic test to your friendly units like they would everyone else. So you do not need to worry about combat resolution nearly as much on the cannon fodder units. But the biggest thing is that you DONT want to give them a lot of banners. Every banner your enemy takes from you gives them another 100 victory points. Your goblin units are weak in strength, toughness..... well, in every area lol. So normally you can assume that your weakest units are going to be destroyed then you do not want to just give them free points by adding a banner in there.

Your Conscience
08-12-2008, 08:46 AM
Right i used to play so ill have a look. When i played with any army i always found space to have a "fighty chaacter" and a shaman. Also is the shaman lv2 or lv1 as the prices have changed since i have used them i am unsure. I would also put some fanatics in the army unless you cat but still you can always bluff with this unit by putting it infront of the other artmies biggwest and hardset unit and pretend to have some. Finally all in all it looks like a nice list the onyl probablem is people are going to focus severythign on the black orcs becase this is the only decent unit that you have that can cause a lot of problems soit might be worth while to get a unit of orcs asw ell

08-12-2008, 03:12 PM
I agree with Conscience, people are going to throw a lot of fire at the BO's. You can handle that by screening them with the goblins, ofcourse. Otherwise I'd trim som points by dismounting the shaman, (up to you though), taking away the NG units standard bearer, and remove the regular goblins you should get quite some points from this, and for these extra points I'd recomend either buying some fanatics, or get a unit of 20 boyz if you can afford it.

Also, are you putting all the BO's in one unit ?

Edit: I don't play orcs, just thought that seemed sensible, so might be quite far off:P

09-12-2008, 10:02 PM
But don't forget screening them with goblins only works if your enemies missile units are not on a hill. If he is on a hill screening them will be pointless. So if your playing terrain then just place the unit that you least want to get shot up as far away from the hill as possible, or just place a piece of terrain that you select in such a way that will block line of sight from the hill to where you will want to place that unit.