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02-12-2008, 11:39 PM
This is a fun army I have come up with using most of my ponts on mounted troops and I have added 3 none mounted squads just in case.

Some stuff I am uncertain about because I havent made a WFB list for quite some time. Like if you choose magic armour do you still add the pts of normal armour ect.


Gorbad Ironclaw- 310 pts


Black Orc Big boss- 85 pts
Heavy armour- 4 pts
Mount Orc boar chariot- 60 pts
Magic items
Amour of Gork- 50 pts
Porko’s pigstikka- 40pts
Total= 240

Orc shammy- 65 pts
Level 2- 35 pts
Staff of sorcery- 30 pts
Dispel scrolls- 25 pts
attatched to 1 of the 25 orc units
Total= 155

Lord and hero Total = 705


Orc Boys 25
Orc boss- 15
Musician- 5
Shields- +2 pts
195 pts x3

Orc Boys 10
50 pts

core total= 635

Special units
Boar boys big ‘Uns 10
Boss- 17 pts
Musician- 11 pts
Total=328 pts x2

Boar boys 10
Boss- 17 pts
Musician- 11 pts
Total= 248 x2

Special unit total= 1152 pts

List total= 2492pts

have fun commenting :)
ps sorry about the change just remembered that i could only have 4 special units with this list