View Full Version : Shades

01-12-2008, 10:22 PM
I just got me a few shades to add to my Dark Elf army today. I only got 5 of them because I was not wanting to spend a whole lot of money. Anyways, at 16 points per model and 18 more points for the blood-shade, they are a bit point heavy and make me wonder if they are worth the points. Not to mention if I want to add light Armour and great weapons that's an additional 3 more points per model. So if I do all of that I am looking at 113 points for a unit of 5 shades. Don't get me wrong, they seem great but point cost seems high is all I am saying and THAT is what makes me wonder if using those points elsewhere would be a more productive use of my special unit selection(s). I wish they had sea serpent cloaks too lol.