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16-11-2008, 05:33 PM
Warriors of Chaos 2000 pts


685 pts


12 Chaos Warriors
Mark of Nurgle, Shields, Full Command
252 pts

12 Chaos Warriors
Mark of Nurgle, Additional Hand Weapons, Full Command
252 pts

5 Marauder Horsemen
Mark of Nurgle, Shields, Flails, Full Command
140 pts


10 Chosen
Mark of Nurgle, Great Weapons, Full Command, Champion with Axe of Khorne
325 pts

5 Chaos Knights
Mark of Nurgle, Full Command, Banner of Wrath
325 pts

Total 1979 pts

Gaius Julius
16-11-2008, 05:52 PM
Although I don't know a lot about Warriors of Chaos, hopefully I can still give some sound advice;)

I would drop Archaon, who costs a massive amount of points, and go for a few different characters. You need a wizard or two of some kind in there, as well as perhaps a cheap lord or a not so cheap hero with all the trimmings. The way I see it is this: one character, or three+ characters:p

Also, I would try and get closer to 2000pts-most players work on the basis of you can go three or five points above or below 2000, but 1979pts is a detriment to you (maybe use the leftover points to buy wargear for characters, or maybe find room for an extra unit or something?)

Again, I'm not too knowledgable on Warriors of Chaos, but that is some general advice that can be applied to most armies:)



Your Conscience
16-11-2008, 06:06 PM
Yeah i agree you realyl shouldnt take archaon in 2K or even any lord if you play Chaos or VC because they just cot too much in my VC i have 4 normal heors and since an exalted champion is as good as some lord choices just take that and give him the mar of nrgle along with 2 wizards as well so that you can get some magic defenc ein there as well as offence becuas ehte nurgle majic is nasty

16-11-2008, 09:28 PM
I totally agree. Some great advice from GJ there! And Your Conscience is also right- Archeon is cool, but just costs too much in a 2000pts game! Get some magic defence in there, even if its just a scroll caddy- your gonna need it! Ever played against Skaven or Lizardmen or Elves, you'll know!

I really feel that the chosen are too expensive for what they are worth- if you want a unit to roll on the table put in a warshrine instead for less than half the points and a unit of 25 Marauders with great weapons are always great for support! Or just pop in two units of 25 Marauders with GW instead- either way I feel you score more than 10 chosen...

Otherwise it seems like a good list, but I would suggest giving your knights the Blasted standard instead! Or if you're not too worrried about shooting, give them the raptous standard, cause then they can take on some big units and stay there!

Anyway, happy hunting!