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13-11-2008, 11:38 PM
Hey guys, as you may know I've come across some dark elf models over the past few days, and as my friend seems to be getting into high elves I decided I'd give them a go, so here is the list of what I have so far, and what I will be getting in the future.

Current list:
Lokhir Fellheart 250 points

15 dark elf warriors 90 points
-standard bearer 6 points
-banner of murder 25 points
-musician 3 points
-15 shields 15 points

16 dark elf crossbowmen 160 points

10 black Ark Corsairs 100 points
-standard bearer 10 points
-sea serpent banner 25 points

-6 cold one knights 162 points
-musician 8 points
-standard bearer 16 points
-Banner of cold blood 15 points

Total: 760 points

At this point I'm really trying to get my army to be a bit point heavy so that my friend can try out more of his units (he got a big box full of some guys high elves for about $20 and wants to know what he like and what he doesn't) So alot of my choices such as the banners and the musicians might not survive the cut when I move into the bigger army list, do tell me if there is anything I should add or take away from this list right now though.

As I was saying, I plan on getting more stuff for christmas, which will be lovely as it will roughly double this force in size... I'm probably going to get...

The dark elf battalion with enough parts to make...

15 dark elf warriors 90 points
16 dark elf crossbowmen 160 points
20 Black Ark Corsairs 200 points

5 cold one knights 135 points

Now, these would come with standard bearers and musicians but the only thing I know for sure is that those warriors will be given sheilds... so lets tack on 15 more points to that battalion...
sheilds 15 points

Battalion Total: 465 points

Now, one of my friends from the past is going to give me a spare Malus and a bolt thrower next weekend, so we might as well count those in...

Malus Darkblade 275 points

Reaper bolt thrower 100 points

Friend gift Total: 375 points

Lastly my High Elf playing friend and I have agreed to get each other something worth around $20 as a christmas gift. The only thing around this price is either a sorceress or an assassin so we can assume that either way I'll be adding a powerful 90 point object to my army.

Assassin/Sorceress 90 points
High Elf riend Total: 90 points

So to go over everything I would then have in my army... we'd be looking at 1690 points without the addition of any equiptment. A descent force, but like all decent forces, I'm always up for some list sujestions!

14-11-2008, 10:14 AM
sorceress is 100pts.. to level 2 her its 135 worth going for its nasty i speak from experience of using them ;)