View Full Version : Empire vs. Warriors of Chaos

11-11-2008, 05:59 PM
I played my 1st ever game today, 2000 pts, my empire army got annihilated!! My volley gun blew up 1st turn, my great cannon missed its 1st shot. I think my list needs some modifications, I had 20 knights in 2 units of 10, one ran away twice, ending up off the table, the other just got ruined by 5 Chaos knights with a lord, I had 10 outriders, who only managed to shhot away 12 warriors, I was trying to bring them round to flank the unit my knights were attacking, but the knights didn't last long enough!! My 2 units of 12 handgunners did what they were supposed to, but one got ruined and the other ran off the table. I think I need to change round but I don't know what to take. Any ideas anyone? most of my games are likely to be against warriors of chaos