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09-11-2008, 12:23 PM
after a few games of bfg, we cant help thinking that one thing really needs to change.
and that's the fire-power/dice grid.
now, when a ship is closing on you, it presents a much smaller profile, meaning its harder to hit, not only because of its smaller profile but because of its closing speed needs to be taken into account before firing to fire "in front of its currant position. the same in effect goes for moving away.
but these situations give you more dice?
in comparison, a ship a-beam to another gets less dice?
even from early ages(to some degree now) the first two scenarios created a more difficult shot, while ships "broadsiding" each other was the easier shot as all weapons on that side were able to fire much easier.
how about a small change in the grid to reflect this?
we thought keep the range modifiers as they are but, if ships are abeam, they should at least get a column shift to the left(more die) to realise this.
one small thing as well, would be a possible change to gas clouds/nebula so that they act a bit like a forest(no not trees in space) you are hidden from view until entering then you can target and be targeted from the outside, but with a column shift to the right(less die) as the nebula interferers with targeting.
well what do you think, i know we will probably try these rules tonight as a "house rule) like not moving all ships and the firing all ships at the same time(a bit unfair to however goes second).
we move then fire each ship, this makes it more realistic allowing ships to counter each others movements.
ok enough ramblings
give us your thoughts