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01-11-2008, 12:31 AM
I've got a game v's high elves. I was tempted to go with skarsnik at first, and try to soften him up with magic and fanatics. But i changed my mind, do you think this would be a competitive list?

LORD....Black Orc Warboss (effigy mork, bigeds boots kickin, hvy ar, sh) 210
LORD....Orc Great Shaman (Lvl 4) (horn urgok, staff baduum) 295
HERO...Black Orc BSB (War Banner, hvy ar) 139
HERO...Night Gob Shaman (lvl2) (pipes doom, magic mushroom) 130
HERO...Night Gob Shaman (lvl2) (dispel scroll, x2 magic mushroom) 130
HERO...Orc Shaman (lvl2) (x2 dispel scroll) 150

x5 wolf riders (spears, sh) 65
x5 wolf riders (spears, sh) 65
x5 wolf riders (spears, sh) 65
x21 night gobbos (sh) x3 fanatics, netters 173
x20 night goblins (short bows) x3 fanatics 135
x33 orc boyz (lgt ar, add chop) full cmd 261
x31 orc boyz (lgt ar, sh) full cmd 216
x24 savage orc Big Uns (add chop) full cmd Banner of Butchery 391
x24 savage orcs (add chop) full cmd 270
x24 savage orcs (add chop) full cmd 270

x3 rock lobbers (all with bullies) 225
x1 orc boar chariot 80
x2 spear chukkas 70
x2 doom divers 160


Probably should explain some tatics;
I'm guessing he'll take a prince on a dragon, so that takes up a lord and hero slot which will make his magic defense weaker. That's why i've taken 4 shamans and a bound item. If it works, the horn will reduce all his Ld by 1, then i'll try and do 25% magic/missile casulties on key units, and also time it with the pipes of doom (all cav, monsters and chariots take an instant panic test)
The wolf riders are just there to charge bolt throwers (otherwise they'll fear a big elf unit)
The spear chukkas are going straight for any dragons
Rock Lobbers going for infantry
Doom Divers going for dragon princes (if he takes them) or infantry
Everything pretty much rolls forward, fanatic units either side of my generals unit, savage orcs at the edges
The 2 Black Orc characters will go in the two orc boyz units, so it's not too expensive if they kill a few of their own troops

01-11-2008, 11:41 AM
well ikn wo i wouldnt fancy going up against it... :)