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Not a Cat
18-09-2008, 01:32 PM
Alright ive gone through the list again, this time got all the legal rules down (I hope) added more warriors and less thunderers, also a gyrocopter. Tell me what you think. This is a 2K list now only.


dwarf thane [shield: 2pts, oath stone: 20pts] 87pts
runes [master rune of alaric the mad: 50pts, rune of resistance 25pts] 75pts
total: 162pts

dwarf thane [army standard bearer: 25pts] 90pts
runes [strollaz's rune: 55pts] 55pts
total: 145pts

runesmith: [shield: 2pts, great weapon: 4pts] 76pts
runes [master rune of spellbinding: 50pts, rune of resistance: 25pts] 75 pts
total: 151pts

TOTAL: 458 points


ironbreakers [15 unit: 195pts, full command: 30pts] 225pts
rune [rune of courage: 30pts] 30pts
total: 255pts

cannon [+ engineer with brace of pistols: 20pts] 110pts
runes [rune of reloading: 10pts] 10pts
total: 120pts

TOTAL: 375 points


dwarf warriors [20 units: 160pts, full command: 25pts, shields: 20pts] 205pts

dwarf warriors [20 units: 160pts, full command: 25pts, shields: 20pts] 205pts

longbeards [16 units: 176pts, full command: 25 pts, shields: 16pts] 217pts
runes: [rune of slowness 50pts]
total: 267pts

dwarf thunderers [10 units: 140pts, full command: 25pts, shields: 10pts] 175pts

dwarf thunderers [10 units: 140pts, full command: 25pts, shields: 10pts] 175pts

TOTAL: 1027pts


gyrocopter: 140pts


18-09-2008, 03:04 PM
hmmm, not bad but never have been a fan of small unit size like 10s or 16s, i always try to go for a nice even number. i have over a thousand points of dwarves laying around unused and unpainted somewhere, but i know i always knocked units to 20s unless was missle troops, didnt bother with commands even for those, just the troops. id drop the size of the thunderer units to 10, drop the command and use those points to bolster the size of my troop units. may want to think about an oathstone too, those can be really handy was umpiring a game between my mates dwarves an high elves, and his dwarve warrior unit was charged by silver helms in the flank and phoenix guard in the front. the oathstone made them lose the flanking bonus, and he had the rune of stoicisim so it ended up that they sent the pointy eared ones running :) huzzah for stumpies! no real plans to reserruct mine though far too many projects on the go...

Not a Cat
18-09-2008, 06:32 PM
*smacks forehead* How in the world did I forget the Oathstone?
Well, back to the drawing board. Thanks alot for the info!

18-09-2008, 06:35 PM
Hi Not, I wanted to give you a heads up.. you can't have a great weapon with runes on it.. unless you use the 20 point rune that lets you do that.

Also before we really start working hard on your army, could you please pick the one size you play the most often? That way I can really focus on one thing at a time. (My brain has about as much storage as a atari.)

Not a Cat
18-09-2008, 10:23 PM
Well my plan is to have a 2500 point army overall. But I guess most of all ill play is a 2k.
I never knew you couldn't have runes on great weapons... actually that makes sense now lol. Thanks for pointing that out, guess I need to redo the whole list thing, bah, im greatful I came here before I made ny more dumb mistakes, x[

19-09-2008, 10:29 AM
another thought... gyrocopters are awsome, very useful and rather annoying if your playing agaisnt them. id def try and squeeze one in. :)

Not a Cat
19-09-2008, 04:17 PM
Alright thanks for all the input, I should have a new list done by the end of the week (or even today, wether I'm lazy or not, lol).

Not a Cat
22-09-2008, 07:36 PM
alright, new list up, I think its a fairly balanced army, although I'm really new to fantasy. =/

23-09-2008, 02:29 AM
Alright NaC, I checked your list and it seems like you've got everything right.
Now you say that your very new to Warhammer Fantasy so I'd like to give you some advice about this list.

In fantasy, its important to have a plan about how your army is going to win.. and I think thats what I'm really feeling is lacking from this list.. a overall theme. I think if we try and focus the army a little better we can get more out of the points you have then you currently are.

Now your first choice is between, either sitting back and shooting your opponent until he comes to you.. then beating him when he does, or, marching across the board and bringing the beatdown to they're side. While alot of people chose to sit back and shoot with dwarves, its just as possible to go on offense.

So, thats the first step.. pick a strat, then we'll start building from there, tommorrow.

Not a Cat
23-09-2008, 06:36 AM
Well since most people will be expecting me to simply sit back I'd love to get right in their face. That's kinda why I wanted an army standard with strollaz's rune and a gyrocopter.

23-09-2008, 09:04 PM
Gotcha, Nac.. One dwarf army on the march.. comming up.

Lets go over your characters first.
I'd switch your thane general to a lord. The leadership 10 is really nice, and it lets you have a extra unit of longbeards which will help later on, the buffed up stats and extra magic items pts are also needed to take on the enemy's big boys.
You'll want to look at the combo of rune of resistance and master rune of gromil for his armor, it gives him a 1+ save that you can reroll.(You also might want to think about taking a rune of challenge on him as well.. but i'll get into that later.) I dropped the oathstone as well, its not very useful in a attacking army because once you use it the unit can never move again.. kind of taking them out of the fight for good.
Thane with the banner looks good, no changes needed there.
For the runesmith, I'd switch his runes to a master rune of balance, and a rune of spellbreaking. Going from my experience the rune of balance is alot more effective than +1 to dispel attempts, plus you want to try to keep him out of heavy fighting because he's your lone defense against spells, so giving the magic weapon isn't needed.

For your shooting, I'd say lose all those thunderers.. the shooting they provide isn't going to be that useful because you'll have to spend at least one turn moving and even then your guys will start getting in they're lanes of fire. More fighters will be more useful. I would also advise turning your cannon into two bolt throwers, each with a engineer. I think you'd find that two weapons, with two shots are more reliable, harder to kill, and capable of more damage each round.

For your troops, I'd say you should probalaly shoot for three very strong units.. warriors or longbeards something in the range of 20 strong with full command and maybe a little magic in the standard. Basicly you want to be able to win most fights you get into or at the very least hold the enemy in place until your other units can move to they're flanks.
I also think you should take a look at miners.. in a attacking dwarf army they are very important. They'll be able to get behind or on the flanks of enemy units, filling a role much like calvary does in a conventional army. In a ideal situation they'll come in behind your opponents troops as your frontline guys engage them. Anyone that takes a rear charge from these guys is done for..

I hope this helps, and I'm sorry it got so long.. let me know what you think

Not a Cat
23-09-2008, 09:51 PM
Alright thanks! For all this I'll try my best to reach 2K (which is hard when you really want that Lord, lol). So if all else fails I'll just pump it up to 2,250 points, which I'm sure many other players would rather play with hopefully.

Also thanks for the input of Miners, I really wanted to use them. ^^
I'll get a workin' and see what I can come up with.

Not a Cat
24-09-2008, 01:32 AM
Oh my god I actually did it! Bwahahaha!
I quadruple checked it to make sure everything is in order. I'm still a bit weery about my Lord having so many Master Runes, I do hope it's legit. I was so happy that I even gave my Throng a home Stronghold and clan name.



Lord Aldin Thorazur: 145pts
+ Shield: 3pts

Runes: 125pts
Master Rune of Gromril
Master Rune of Alaric the Mad
Master Rune of Challenge
Rune of Resistance

Total: 273pts

Thane Erik Thorazur: 65pts
+ Army Standard Bearer: 25 pts

Runes: 55pts
Strollaz’s Rune

Total: 145pts

Runesmith Lucas Thorazur: 70pts
+ Shield: 2pts

Runes: 75pts
Master Rune of Balance
Rune of Spellbreaking

Total: 147pts



20 Units: 220pts
+ Full Command: 25pts
+ Shield: 20pts

Runes: 50pts
Rune of Slowness

Total: 315

Dwarf Warriors:

20 Units: 160pts
+ Full Command: 25pts
+ Shields: 20pts

Total: 205

Dwarf Warriors:

20 Units: 160pts
+ Full Command: 25pts
+ Shields: 20pts

Total: 205



20 Units: 220pts
+ Full Command: 25pts
+ Steam Drill: 25pts
+ Blasting Charges: 30pts

Total: 300pts

Bolt Throwers:

2 Units: 90pts
+ Engineers with Brace of Pistols: 40pts

Total: 130pts


Gyrocopter: 140pts
Gyrocopter: 140pts


24-09-2008, 02:02 AM
Looks pretty sweet to me NaC

Not a Cat
24-09-2008, 07:47 AM
Thanks for all the help Jas! :p