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30-08-2008, 08:57 PM
HEROES {965}

Tomb King [305]
(170)+ Chariot(45)+ Spear of Anterak(35)+ Golden Ankra(45)+ Enchanted Shield(10)

Liche Priest [330]
(115)+ Casket of Souls(165)+ 2x Dispell Scroll(50)

Liche Priest [165]
(115)+ Neffera's Plaques(30)+ Cloak of Dunes(20)

Lich Priest [165] <Hierophant>
(115)+ Hieratic Jar(25)+ Collar of Shapesh(25)

__________________________________________________ _____________________________________
CORE {559}

4 Chariots [225]
(160)+ Champ(20)+ Stb(20)+ St of Cursing Word(25)

10 Heavy Horsemen [199]
(160)+ Stb(14)+ Banner of Undying Legion(25)

3 Tomb Swarms [135]

__________________________________________________ _____________________________________

19 Tomb Guard [277]
(228)+ Champ(12)+ Stb(12)+ Warbanner(25)

2 Tomb Scorpions [170]

4 Carrions [96]

3 Ushabti [195]

I'm 12pts over. Any helpful input or problems you encounterd with specific armies with your Tomb Kings would be appreciated!:D

Your Conscience
30-08-2008, 10:47 PM
In my personal opinion i think that there is way to many point in your heors with nearly half of your points in them and therefore yo have seriously reduced yor hitting power in combat and it might be a strong magic phase but IMO i dont think that there will be anything else.

31-08-2008, 04:55 PM
Hi Killer, just a heads up you also have 1 to many special choices (Each Scorpion takes one.) So for a easy fix, drop the carrion, add a tomb swarm, add 2 more tomb guard, add a champion to your heavy calvary... that should put you at 2249. (Your scorpions should be able to fill the carrion's role of character and warmachine hunting just fine.)

Now if you want advice on your army overall.. I'll be happy to give you my 2 cents (Take them with a grain of salt :) )
There is two ways to equip your Tomb King that you will probalaly find more effective.
1) Golden Ank, Armour of the Ages, Vembraces of the Sun, and a Great weapon. (5 wounds, with a 4+ ward save can be a tough nut to crack.)
2) Golden Ank, Blade of Setep, Light Armor, Shield. (Really nasty against heavy defensive enemys like dwarf lords or empire lords)

Your setup on the priests looks strong, the only thing I'd maybe change is dropping a dispel scroll.. you already have 5 dispel dice and the casket helping keep enemy magic in control.

On to the troops, any reason you chose to skip out on the skeleton archers? For only 80pts you can have a bargin basement unit of 10. Which is very useful for defeating enemy skirmishers and flyers (You can reform the unit to face anyway and still hit on a 5+) You also went with no skull catapults, which are very useful for the points.. but if you decided to go with no shooting for background reasons I can understand that.

The only other thing I might suggest is switching the warbanner in the tomb guard unit to a Icon of Rakaph.. It adds a huge suprise factor to this unit, it can allow units to approach from the flank or rear thinking they're safe from a charge.. at which point you use your free reform to turn and face them and hit them with a charge. You can also use it to allow your unit to get to the flank of a enemy block of infantry then you use your heavy magic to send the flank charge home.

Hope this helps, and sorry its so long.

03-09-2008, 01:38 PM
Thanks guys!

The thing is, I just like the idea of doing a wound and getting a whole chariot back to fight!

But, alas, I can see that this is good advice and I will definitly try it out and let you know how it went!

Thanx for the long message, Jason, I like to read... :-D