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Andrew Taon
28-08-2008, 10:41 PM
Here is a list I've been playing for a while to a decent level of success (winning a lot more than I lose but more like 50-50 against serious tourney players). The overall army fits my style of play having a mix of solid Cavalry, Infantry, and Shooters. I like the flexibility of this list. I'm interested if some vets can see some oversight on my part where I can min/max more than I am...I can see a few places where I should be able to change things up for good and am wondering if others see these same things.

Grand Master w/ Dawn Armor
9 Reiksguard Knights w/ Champion, Steel Standard, Musician

10 Reiksguard Knights w/ Champion, War Banner, Musician

Warrior Priest w/ Great Hammer, Armor of Meteoric Iron
30 Spearmen w/ Shields, Standard, Musician
8 Free Company

Captain w/ Sword of Might, Full Plate, Enchanted Shield
29 Swordsmen w/ Standard, Musician
8 Free Company

10 Handgunners

10 Huntsmen

5 Pistoliers

Great Cannon
Great Cannon

Hellblaster Volley Gun
Hellblaster Volley Gun

Lev. 2 Wizard w/ Dispel Scroll x 2

28-08-2008, 11:21 PM
Wow, very good to see you don't just jump on 'Inner Circle'. Seriously I am impressed.

Try experimenting with Crossbowmen, as they can outrange dwarfs and force them to advance the hand gunners first turn if you go deploy 6 inches rather than 12, and can pretty much make fun of the dark elves to. Like this a lot dude.

Also: question. what Empire province is it? Or is it a mix? Interested, that is all!

28-08-2008, 11:51 PM
This is a pretty good looking army... The only thing I might suggest is getting rid of the Huntsmen and Pistolers and using those points to add crossbow or handgunner detacthments to you big infantry blocks. (The huntsmen and Pistolers are to easy to kill I find, but can be useful.) Other that its a very strong list, my vampires would be scared..

Andrew Taon
29-08-2008, 10:32 AM
Fire: The army is painted up as Altdorf. I enjoy playing storyline campaigns just as much as I do playing purely competitive games. I actually have upwards of 6k in empire in addition to all of the special characters(which is another 2k in and of itself). I did Altdorf b/c I felt it was the most viable army to have the emperor and Kurt Helburg in it. My greatswords are the old rieksguard models on foot, and all of my knights are painted up as rieksguard. I like the idea of using crossbows instead of handgunners, trading armor piercing for 6 inches of range could make a big difference. I treat the handgunners and the two volley guns as a sort of giant shooting section, crossbows might allow me to deploy them behind the warmachines to take advantage of a hill.

Jason: I think a lot of people are unimpressed with huntsmen...they are in and of themselves a pretty bad unit that costs too much. They really thrive as a harassing force in support of my general scheme of maneuver for this army. My "standard" set up involves my infantry core in the center with one flank having all of my cav and the other having all of my shooting. Now, that never happens precisely like that in practice (nor should it), but that is the overall plan that involves a refused flank, an attack arm, and an anvil. The huntsmen are there to support the shooting arm of my army by preventing march moves, distracting decisive units, and even taking out pesky war machines. When combined with two cannons, two hellblasters, and some handgunners they're really worth their weight in gold.

29-08-2008, 01:15 PM
Hmm, my stirland army begs to have some huntsmen now!

29-08-2008, 03:40 PM
I do see your point with the huntsmen, they can be annoying if they find a nice woods to hide in and slow down the enemy units.. but my main experience with them either involves them running in terror from banshees or getting eaten by giant bats so I don't rate them so high... but if your looking to Min/Max your army a good way to do that is cut out easily killed units.