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17-08-2008, 09:48 PM
Been recently hit with new army syndrome after playing a year and a half with my woodies and after a debate of eith DoW of Brets Bretonnians have won over and hv been putting together various army lists really but none that i feel very comfortable with

im looking a 1, 1.5 and 2 k army lists
i like only using 3 characters and one being a battle standard bearer which is fine for me with Bretonnians as its compulsory

for 2k my characters look something like this


virtue of the ideal

Paladin battle standard
virtue of duty

i feel these are a solid core of characters and i believe knowmore are required

for any army list i write i like balance and with bretonnians peasants are the way so a few Qs here

Men at arms

How many?
spears or halberds?

2 Units of 6 yeomen with musician give me the mobility and harassing factor

I like the look of the grail relique is it worth it and how should i number it?

So after all this i need to know what kind of knight units to use 1 unit of KotR are a must but how many i think it should either be 9, 11, 12

KoE look good especially if my battle standard is with them and they have the eranty banner ( which is cool)

So how does it look in theory and until i have an idea what sought of units should do what i wont be writing up an army list but of course there is some exceptions

Any suggestions on what is the best army list for the brets or is the best way to use the bretonnians are welcome

thank you for all reply all are received gratefully and SORRY for the long post

19-08-2008, 04:19 AM
Hi Mini Giant, While I don't actually play Brets my roomie does (So I know how they beat me.) Being as no full blooded bret players have jumped in yet I figured I'd give you my 2 cents.

Prophetess on a pegasus is a interesting choice, I'd probalaly bump her up to a level 4 wizard.. and give her the lore of heavens... using her as a moblie weapon platform. I might even sneak in a couple of power stones on her, so she can get off some suprise spells.

The Pally with the virtue of the Ideal on the other hand I don't really like.. the penalty to leadership of nearby units is just not worth it. For a Strong fighter type I'd combine the Virtue of the Joust and the Cuirass of fortune.

For the battlestandard bearer I'd suggest you take a look at the banner of the lady. Its probally the single best banner in the game. Combined with the virtue of duty its pretty much a sure win for any fight your in. The only problem will be keeping him alive, because your enemy is gonna hate this guy. (Many times my vampire lords have had to deal with him, to stop him from wrecking the whole army.. getting beat by 6+ in close combat.. stinks.)

On to the Peasant part of your army.. I'd skip the Men at arms if I were you. I've never seen good results with them. (Though if you really are in to having them I think the spear version is a little bit better.) On the other hand the Peasant bowmen can actually fill a very useful role in your army. I'd defintely suggest 2 ten man units of them.

The battle pilgrims are a good way to have some infantry in your army that can fight a little. If you like it I'd definitely take it. With leadership 8, a 4+ armor save, and stubborn they are actually pretty good at taking a charge as well. I wouldn't go too overboard with the numbers in there. Maybe the Reliquae and a extra 10 pilgrims?

On to the Knight units. For most units of knights your magic numbers are 5,8,11... That gives you the most attacks with the least amount of guys, with the lance formation. You are right about the knights erant btw, they are a strong choice, being immune to psychology during the charge is very important and with the banner they hit as hard as Grail knights. You may want to think about adding a unit of a few grail knights to your army as well. 3 of them together make excellent monster/character hunters.

Hope that will let you get you started, and if you have anything more spefic you'd like to talk about just let me know :)