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Elessar 2
04-08-2008, 07:08 PM
Tomb King, chariot, golden ankhra, blade of setep and shield of ptra- 325 (if i'm right, only have a spanish, bad readable version of the army book ATM)
Lych priest with hieratic jar, cloak of the dunes - 160
Lych priest with serpent staff - 140
The Casket of Souls - 165

unit of 4 Chariots - 160
unit of 10 skeletons with bow - 90
unit of 10 skeletons with bow - 90

Unit of 25 Tomb Guard with icon of rakaph - 340
Unit of 4 Ushabti - 260
Scorpion - 85
Unit of 3 Carrion - 72

Screaming Skull Catapult with Skulls of the Enemy - 110

Total comes to:
1997 points, 12 units, 63 models (61 models, 2 casket guard), 4 incantations per turn (2x from tomb king, 2x from lych priests), 4 dispel dice (2 standard, 2 from lych priests).

What do you think? Would this be a good army or should I change some units?

Many thanks in advance,

04-08-2008, 07:50 PM
This looks ok, though I do have a few comments.

First of all the Serpent Staff isn't that useful. My memory is a bit unclear, is this the magical weapon or the staff that unleashes 3D6 S2 hits or something? In either case,I'd recommend trading it for a dispel scroll.

You King is nice (it's the one I play, basically), but doesn't the Shield of Ptra bring you over the 100 pts limit for magical items?

Other than that it looks solid - try playing a few battles with proxies (and get yourself a true army book, buy one, they're more than worth it) and then see how it works out. Perhaps you'll want to drop a few Tomb Guard and replace them with a couple of bowmen and fuse the two 10-man units into one of 20 warriors.

Also you forgot - you have 5 incantations, not 4! The Casket is opened at the end of every magic phase... That's two power dice more for your opponent to worry about.

Elessar 2
04-08-2008, 08:18 PM
serpent staff makes attacks poisonous and allows rerolls to wound. Now I know a lych priest should NOT be a fighter, but this way he can defend himself in CC. This was more of a points-filler, so i could trade it for some more troops.

You're right about the shield of ptra, will drop it for a normal shield and add more troops.

About the tomb guard, how many should I drop for archers? And the archers are 2 seperate units because I need at least 3 core troops at 2000 points. Now I don't have exactly 2000, but it counts as 2k.

Didn't know the light of death was an incantation, but if it is, only makes it better :)

About the rulebook, I do have access to the english version (the real book), but not at the moment (my friend who has it is on a holiday trip). Therefore I use a downloaded version, in which the army list (so not rules, army compostion, background info, incantations, magical items) is in spanish, and because i'm dutch, and don't speak spanish all that well, I have some difficulty to read it, but most of it is done by memory, and when I start gaming with TK, I will buy the original rulebook for myself.
I heard that TK will be updated in a short while from someone, and if this is true, i'm going to wait buying the army.

Thanks a whole lot for your advice :)


04-08-2008, 08:29 PM
Are they gonna be updated? Oh man, I would cry of joy! Alas, I think next up are Chaos Warriors, but then... Yeah, either Skaven or Tomb Kings...

Anyways, since Dark Elves just came out, we'll need to wait at least a year before a new Army Book comes out.

You're right about the three Cores - I had forgotten about that. I think you can afford to drop 5 Tomb Guard - that should give you enough points to give them a full command! Try also to give a command staff to the Chariots.

Since the Priest only has 1 attack, giving a magic weapon is kinda pointless... The Guardians of the Casket will protect him, don't worry, they're here whenever someone needs his rear end kicked. I still recommend switching the staff for a dispel scroll.

Elessar 2
04-08-2008, 09:14 PM
Changes will be done!

Thank you so much for the tips you've given me:)
I am now sure I want to play WHFB as well :D