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Captain Castus
03-08-2008, 01:23 PM
Here's a thread where we can post our characters for ease of reference...

I'll start with mine!

Name - Praetus
Career Path - Imperial Psyker
Rank - Sanctionite
Home World - Imperial (Shrine World - Name to be decided)
Gender - Male
Age - 43
Appearence - Dark skin, grey eyes, dyed white hair, svelte (1.85m, 70kg)

Raised on an Imperial Shrine World. Originally training to be a Medicae when his latent talents were recognised. Shunned by his family and the Ecclesiacrhy of his homeworld and branded heretic. Taken by a Black Ship and found
capable enough for sanctioning. Remains fiecely devoted to the Emperor but find's conventional Imperial religion and the Imperium's attitude to Psykers somewhat 'difficult'. Recognises the inherent danger of Chaos both to himself and mankind and has pledged to do all he can to eliminate or minimise the threat.

WS - 32
BS - 27
S - 32
T - 34
Ag - 31
Int - 36
Per - 36
WP - 36
Fel - 34

Wounds - 10
Fate Points - 2

Clothes/armour - Leathers, quilted vest, carapace helm, tatty robe
Weapons - Laspistol, sword, staff and psykana mercy blade, frag grenade
Other stuff - Book of Imperial Saints, Aquilla pendant (psy-focus)

Psy Rating 1
Powers = Healer, Inflict pain
Discipline = Biomancy


Ziggy Tempest
03-08-2008, 01:31 PM
Name - Metalus
Career Path - Tech Priest
Rank - Technographer
Home World - Forgeworld (Research Outpost)
Gender - Male
Age - 22
Appearence - Fair skin, Dark red hair and Blue eyes. 1.85m Tall and approx 70kg in weight.

He was chosen to become a Tech-priest at a young age and has spent much of his youth learning the ways of the Mechanicus. After he finished his training he was assigned to a backwater research station located near a seemingly average Nebula. After a few long years of research however they discovered something of great importance and Metalus was ordered to return to the Technomagos with a full report. The strange gases in the Nebulae played havoc with psykers so he had to take a freighter. He may have seemed a strange choice due to his low rank but it would surely reduce the amount of any suspicion. Shortly after departing from a refuelling station however the ship was diverted and Metalus found himself in the employ of the Inquisitor. He is quiet and reserved but unflinching in his duty. He has so far kept his mission a secret however as the information would surely be dangerous in the wrong hands. Especially those of an Inquisitor...

WS - 29
BS - 34
S - 35
T - 39
Ag - 27
Int - 35
Per - 35
WP - 44
Fel - 38

He has 13 wounds also and 2 fate points.

Armour- Flak vest, Flak Helmet and Flak Gauntlets

Metal Staff (Mono Upgrade)
Las pistol and 1 Charge pack
Las Carbine and 3 Charge packs
Flak Vest
Glow Lamp

Mechanicus robes and Vestments (Good quality clothing)
9 Spare parts
1 Vial of Sacred Machine Oil
Flak Helmet
Flak Gauntlets
6 Frag Grenades

Talents and Traits
Credo Omnissiah
Stranger to the Cult (-10 on tests involving the Imperial Creed and -5 fellowship with formal members of the Ecclesiarchy)
Fit for Purpose (+3 to willpower)
Electro Graft Use (+10 bonus to Inquiry, Tech Use and Common Knowledge whilst connected to a data point)
Melee Weapon Training (Primitive)
Basic Weapon Training (Las)
Pistol Training (Las)
Mechanicus Implants
Feedback Screech (30M radius, Test Willpower or lose half Action)
Common Lore (Tech)
Technical Knock (Unjam a gun as a half action)

08-08-2008, 09:52 PM
Sorry just so's everyone knows I'm in here's Sigismund's stats I have not thought up a background for my assassin yet but he's from the same planet that Tathe, Wilkenson and the Velrosian 1st are; Elbyra and he kicks arse oh and what's the next level after sell steel? cause I've spent 900 exp so I'm there I just forgot... sorry

Character name; Sigismund
Home World; Agri world
Career path; Sell Steel(Son of Despater)
Divination; "Die if you must, but not with your spirit broken"
Quirk; Aquila tattoo.
Gender; male
Build; well built= 90kg weight height, 1.90 metres.
Skin colour; fair
Eye colour; Blue
Age; 33

Weapon Skill; 44 originally 34 got + 5 for 100 exp, then +another 5 for 250 exp
Ballistic Skill 37
Strength; 40
toughness; 34 orginally 29 but got +5 for 250 exp
Agility;41 Orginally 36 but spent 100 EXP to get to 41
Intelligence; 33
Will Power; 43
Fellowship; 33

Basic skills
Awarness; +5
Dodge; +5
Intimidate; +5

Traits and talents

Melee Weapon training; primitive
Pistol Weapon Training; Las
Pistol Weapon Training; SP
Basic weapon training; SP
Blessed Ignorance (-5 to forbidden lore)
Heightened Senses (sight)+ 5 to awareness

Advanced Skills
Speak Low Gothic;+5
and Im pretty sure my guy speaks high Gothic also but my GM forgot to write it down.

Melee Weapons
Mono Sword

Missile Weapons
Auto Gun 1clip
Compact Las pistol
Stub Automatic(with silencer) 1 clip

Flak Helmet
Flak jacket

1 clip auto gun ammo
Charm (corpse hair)
Black Bodyglove(Common clothing)
2 Clips stub automatic.
3 doses of stimm

and right now on 50 exp

And I got 400 imperial credit money stuff but can share them out once we start the game if wanted...

Wounds; 10
Fate points; 2