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25-05-2006, 08:45 PM
Well, I had a grass roll from GW and I wanted a grassy table, and with a little redecoration and some wallpaper paste left over the time was right. One thing I will say though. Find a model railway shop and buy your grass roll from there, its often a lot cheaper than GW official grass mats and its better quality too. And it comes in different colours if you prefer.

Basically, I pasted a lot of paste all over the table surface to have the grass roll applied to and laid the mat on, smoothing out the air bubbles as I went. Once this was done I found that the edges werent sticking too well and were curling away, so a line of PVA glue along the edges between the mat and the tabletopprovided the firm fixing, and then it was all held in place overnight with masking tape to ensure a firm fixture.

Heres a shot of the edge:

And here\'s the table opened out. It\'s a 4\'x4\' table, made of 9mm MDF in 2 2\'x4\' panels with a piano hinge to allow it to fold.

Once the night had passed and the glue was set, the masking tape was removed and voila. Table done. I just need to get some duct tape to run across the edges to protect it now from wear and tear.

And you want to know something ironic? Much as I make terrain and stuff, no one ever comes to my house to play games. I\'ve used the table and my terrain about 4 times, always with my missus and I always lose to her.

Maybe I should stop making terrain until I find someone to use it with more regularly...

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26-05-2006, 06:05 AM
move over to ireland, i\'ll battle you everyday! wait a minute, my armies aren\'t good against hoards...oh well come over anyway! it\'ll be a laugh! :laugh:


26-05-2006, 07:54 PM
thats pretty cool!

i also used wallpaper paste to attach my board to the table, although i then spilt a bucket of it all over the floor . . . 10 minutes later i stopped swearing and finished the job . . . lol

unfortunatly i have hinged my board, as i used inch thick mdf with 2 3x4 boards, and as one it would just be too heavy!

just a thought where do you keep your boards? my girlfreind is getting arsey as i have nowhere to store them and they just lean against a wall!

26-05-2006, 09:46 PM
mines in my garden in all whether conditions cuase i have no where else to store it