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19-07-2008, 10:56 AM
How awesome is that game I made a character (he was made almost entirely from random dice rolls) And I got exactly what I wanted (well kind of) he's an assassin but he's got blue eyes and blonde hair and his name is Sigismund!
He's a bloody Aryan! (if that is how it is spelt)
but other wise I rolled really awesome for his stats I dont have them on me but I'll pull this from what I remember...

WS 39
BS 37?? (not to sure if that's right or not)
S 40
AGI 41
DEF 29
WILL power 43

10 wounds I think cause I took a skill for one more I think

Uhhh that's all I remember for for stats now all the rest well he is "well built" with an aquila tatoo (i'm thinking on his face)
He is equipt with an auto gun, a mono sword (lol mono) an automatic slug pistol with silencer, a compact Las pistol and knife.
he has a body glove, flak chest armour and a flak helmet....
I'll try to get the stats sheet off my GM later

The Dim Reaper
19-07-2008, 11:19 AM
Lol good work Adrassil...

I wonder is there any way to play Dark Heresy over vassal or something?



19-07-2008, 11:31 AM
Yeah I think so Dim there doing it over on Warhammer alliance mate so if they can...

22-07-2008, 07:16 AM
Here is the updated stats umm I think that I will keep this as a blog for my Dark Heresy games here's my Assassin's stats

Character name; Sigismund
Home World; Agri world
Career path; Sell Steel(Son of Despater)
Divination; "Die if you must, but not with your spirit broken"
Quirk; Aquila tattoo.
Gender; male
Build; well built= 90kg weight height, 1.90 metres.
Skin colour; fair
Eye colour; Blue
Age; 33

Weapon Skill; 44 originally 34 got + 5 for 100 exp, then +another 5 for 250 exp
Ballistic Skill 37
Strength; 40
toughness; 34 orginally 29 but got +5 for 250 exp
Agility;41 Orginally 36 but spent 100 EXP to get to 41
Intelligence; 33
Will Power; 43
Fellowship; 33

Basic skills
Awarness; +5
Dodge; +5
Intimidate; +5

Traits and talents

Melee Weapon training; primitive
Pistol Weapon Training; Las
Pistol Weapon Training; SP
Basic weapon training; SP
Blessed Ignorance (-5 to forbidden lore)
Heightened Senses (sight)+ 5 to awareness

Advanced Skills
Speak Low Gothic;+5
and Im pretty sure my guy speaks high Gothic also but my GM forgot to write it down.

Melee Weapons
Mono Sword

Missile Weapons
Auto Gun 1clip
Compact Las pistol
Stub Automatic(with silencer) 1 clip

Flak Helmet
Flak jacket

1 clip auto gun ammo
Charm (corpse hair)
Black Bodyglove(Common clothing)
2 Clips stub automatic.
3 doses of stimm

and right now on 50 exp

Wounds; 10
Fate points; 2

I think thats all for now I'll be playing it on wednesday so I'll update you on thursday I cant wait to kill stuff hehe

Captain Castus
22-07-2008, 07:26 AM
I'm jealous... I have the book, but no one to play with... :(


The Dim Reaper
22-07-2008, 12:05 PM
Reckon we could do some sort of dark heresy night over astro, you know every friday evening, stay up till the wee hours of the morning RPing and all....



22-07-2008, 01:11 PM
My thoughts exactly! Hey Dim, interested in setting up an extra section bout that? I've got the books and quite a lot of experience DnDing... Even some Dark Heresy!

The Spacemonkey
22-07-2008, 02:28 PM
Got hold of a copy just after it came out. It's a solid game, they've got loads of background and other fun fluff at the black industries web site: http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/dark-heresy/calixis.shtml and lots more here: http://www.darkreign40k.com/

not played it, as my rpg group self destructed a while back, but it looks like it'll play like 2nd edition WFRP and that was pretty good.

Captain Castus
22-07-2008, 02:52 PM
Reckon we could do some sort of dark heresy night over astro

Need a pretty dedicated GM for that... You volunteering? ;)

How would it work in practice? Would the players converse on MSN and post their 'decisions' on Astro? Would the GM do all the dice rolls? Tricky to make it work well when not 'face-to-face'...


The Dim Reaper
22-07-2008, 03:35 PM
Hmmm, I've never RPed before so ideally I would like to start as a character myself however I always believe in putting my money where my mouth is and so unless somebody specifically says they would like to be GM I would be happy to give it my best shot.

As for how we play this, I have a few ideas in my head, I will however see how warhammer alliance play it and if their method is airtight we may just have to 'borrow' their ideas....



22-07-2008, 05:14 PM
Well, I've done foruming DnD before so I basically know how what happens. Kinda. S' the GM who rolls de dice, and the players who make the choices over posts/msn.

The Dim Reaper
23-07-2008, 01:13 PM
Yeah that would be good. There are programms for random dice rolling as well, so everyone can see. We'd have to limit the ammount of people allowed to play to 4 and then 1 GM to stop it getting messy and EVERYONE involved would have to be commited.



The Spacemonkey
23-07-2008, 01:40 PM
If you guys are looking for a GM I'd be willing to give it a go.

Not GM'd any of the Warhammer RPgames before, but I've been playing them for years. And I've been running other stuff for a while now.

The Dim Reaper
23-07-2008, 01:42 PM
I think your hired, oh glorious GM...



Captain Castus
23-07-2008, 04:04 PM
I'm definately interested in playing... Say, once a week for a good 3-4 hour session...

So bear me in mind as a potential PC, thanks! ;)


23-07-2008, 05:10 PM
Me too!

The Spacemonkey
23-07-2008, 05:49 PM
Ok. Cool, If you give me a couple of days to read through the core book again I'll come up with a primary adventure.

If anyone's got any suggestions or wants anything specific including let me know.

I'm fairly flexible with times for playing, so whenever is good for you guys, just need to sort out a suitable system of communication and we'll be away!

Captain Castus
23-07-2008, 05:52 PM
If anyone's got any suggestions or wants anything specific including let me know.

Well... I specifically didn't read the introductory adventure in the core book on he off chance I got to play it... So if the other PCs are the same we could always start with that :)


The Spacemonkey
23-07-2008, 10:28 PM
That would be entirely doable. I've just been looking at some of the stuff on the web-site and there's another couple of pre-writen adventures there. So if you guys don't mind doing cannon stuff I'll get reading!


23-07-2008, 11:32 PM
Hey Spacemonkey, I trust you have the Dark Heresy rulebooks? S' quite a few big diffs from the normal core rules.

24-07-2008, 07:15 AM
Hmmm I've gotta really crappy comp guys so I dont think I have the right updated hard ware so I most likly wont be able to play lol

And HERE IT IS!! bamdam bamdadad dummmmm!!!

The report of my first dark Heresy game!

Before I start I'd like to pint out Dark Heresy wayyyyy better than DnD okay here it comes

OH and my party consists of 2 assassins (me and another guy) 2 Guardsmen, a priest and a psyker.

I hope that this report aint to winding and C&C appreciated plz!!

Well we started off with drop shipping onto a an ye olde medieval world (there were six of us but me and two others were joining in three other dudes campaign)

We land on the planet's one and only orbital ship yard and we meet up with the three orginal guys
Our objective was to investigate "foreign" and strange murders amoung the populace in a primitive city which is currently besieged.
But at the port we try to find transport to the besieged city but find the cheapest asking price is 40
Imperial dollar each so we choose to look up a mercainary hiring centre.
We find one and get hired up straight away.

After that I decide to take part of a gladiator arena bare knuckles fight...
The fight was cool I was fast and dodged a crap load of attacks from my slow, strong, and tough opponent but my low toughness made me lose :( though I got in a crap load of good hits and took no damage from him I lost my piddly 2 fatigue points (My opponent was toughness 40!) so he got 4 fatigue points lol.

So I get dragged out of the arena unconsius and we leave to this besieged city the mercainary hirerer guy bribing our way through the blockade (it's a sea ship sorry I forgot to say)
so we make into the besieged city and the commander guy takes us patroling along the wall (the enemy out number our side but use more primitive weaponry like muskets and old eightinth century cannons)

So were patroling the wall when a cannon shot comes out of no were and smashes the wall right under the party's psyker instantly dealing him 10 damage ( he barely survives and is incapacitated)

And we turn to find a ship with a cannon on it coming our way it is large and brimming with eenmy troops.

I take a round to aim my Auto Gun single shot and shoot one dead the next turn (waiting gave me +20 to my BS I think??)
All my allies pretty much suck at long range so didnt do crap.

I chose to aim another turn and one of my allies shoots his Las pistol' knocking one off the boat.

I shoot my Auto gun fully automatic and manage to knock one off then it fires it's huge cannon back, missing us but killing a crap load of our fellow defenders.

But a allie cannon shot blew the attacking ship to pieces.

We get taken off the wall and one of my fellow party members asked our NPC leader if there have been strange occurances and he takes us to a grusome murder scene.

We try to look closer but fail our investigation rolls so instead we explore the city when we approch a paticulary disgusting district I get a brain storm and ask our mercainary leader if any horribly new and disgusting desies have occured through the city (thinking that nurgle may be involved as the place is a fly ridden swamp)
BUt Iam dissapointed as he says no.

So I get another brain wave and decide to ask whether or not anyone he knows has been acting strangly and again dissapointed when he knows of no one.

So the streets have lots of people and so I pull aside a random and ask him(or her the GM did not say) the dieses question (still following the Nurgle theory) but again I am dissapointed when it (I'll say it!!) say no.

So I ask it whether or not he? She knows of anyone acting strangly and my GM says I have to roll to see if he answers or not and I roll a frigging 11! (which is really, really good) and he tells me of his next door neighbours have been wierd, not sleeping and carrying supicous things to their house.

So I ask the guy to lead us there and he does and we find an old run down place.
I say we should all look through the window and all of us fail our perception test except one guy and he sees some guy carrying a dead body wrapped in bandages.

He elects to burst through the door and so he does with my guy at his back covering him with his auto gun.

My allie loses his intitive test and the two enemys in side open fire and both maraclously miss.
So my allie (who is a close combat Assassin) charges the nearest and slices the poor bastard's leg straight off! The dude dies immediatly and the other drops his gun and surrenders.

The CC pure assassin guy really wanted to kill the bastard and I had to almost beg for him not to (Take him in foe questioning)
THe guy turns and tries to run but stops as these two xenos daemons come out of the shadows.
We all take fear tests three of us faint I get didnt but I lost -10 to both my WS and BS and almost everyone fails (even me with will power 43!) except for the close combat assassin and he charges one of the monsters and literally almost butchers the thing! (They where rock hard to)

And the other creature charges me and as I was reall close behind the CC assassin covering the captured enemy with my auto gun and my character is fighting a desperate fight for his life his high as hell dex his only thing keeping the monster from ripping my face off (and I went into a purely defensive stance making the creature haveing -20 to it's WS and if it even hit me once I'd likely die.

only Me, my other assassin and an Imperial Guardsman that was outside the house did not become retards from the creature's fear test and the guardsman comes into help and shoot with his shot gun at the thing attacking me (AND he rolls a frigging 97!! he hit me) but he used a fate point and fixed that thank the emperor)

Meinwhile my asassin ally is fighting the other monster and slices it unconsuis then chooses to spend the next round to finish it and my guy is still dodging the othercreatures attacks with his extra ordainary skills. but Iam basically useless with -15 (I forgot to say I got the auge before and got -5 to WS and BS so I was on -15 on both stats!) but the Imperial Guardsman allie moves up into close range with his shot gun and shoots an extremly lucky shot striking the thing's knee and causing it to get minus 10 to it's agi and doing alot of damage.

Seeing this opertuinty I do an all out attack on the thing but miss (by just!) and finall my allie (Who is fanatic priest regains himself and charges it with his Chain sword but rolls badly and misses.
Then it counter attacks attacking my priest ally and reducing my formadivly tough ally to 1 wound!

THe psyker of the party finds himself and I try to get him to heal the priest but the priest player decides not to as his character hates psykers and there fore would not be a willing target.

Then the other assassin attacks and kills the creature out right then and there making me feel really inadiquit. :(

and then we finished next wednesday were going to play again and my GM says it's going to be really intense and is likely that one of us will die lol

But With my EXP im thinking to buy the inquire ability as my party is severly lacking in that much needed skill

24-07-2008, 09:37 AM
my GM says it's going to be really intense and is likely that one of us will die lol

Never a good thing to hear.

Rule 1 : Never trust your DM. If he says one of you s' gonna die... expect at least three to die, one to go into a coma and the other to go insane.

The Spacemonkey
24-07-2008, 12:22 PM
Hey Spacemonkey, I trust you have the Dark Heresy rulebooks? S' quite a few big diffs from the normal core rules.

I was gonna buy it, but 70.00 is the cheapest I could find!!!

So I did the next best thing and downloaded a pdf of the book. I'll get a proper copy when they re-release it.

Adrassil, your GM sounds harsh! Demons Vs first career characters. I'm impressed you guys are still alive and mostly sane. Good show.

By the way, I can't see us needing any fancy programs to do this, probs just msn or other messenger prog, so even with a crappy machine it should be easy enough to join the fun.

here's a link for the writeable colour character sheet. http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/dark-heresy/pdf/writable-pdf-colour.pdf

Captain Castus
24-07-2008, 12:37 PM
I was gonna buy it, but 70.00 is the cheapest I could find!!!

Yeah... Talk about good way to create a black market! Well done Black Library for passing it on to an independant just after it's eagerly anticipated release!! I'll never understand that as a commercial decision...


p.s. I had the foresight to buy one early on from the Orcs Nest :)

24-07-2008, 03:35 PM
Hehe I was just lucky to come across a reasonably priced one. Got the pdfs for them though. DO ya have both "Dark Heresy Inquisitor's Handbook" and the normal "WH40K Dark Heresy"?

The Spacemonkey
24-07-2008, 10:53 PM
Hehe I was just lucky to come across a reasonably priced one. Got the pdfs for them though. DO ya have both "Dark Heresy Inquisitor's Handbook" and the normal "WH40K Dark Heresy"?

Thanks to the wonders of bit torrent I do now!

Ziggy Tempest
25-07-2008, 09:41 PM
I'd get the rules if I actually had anyone to play the game with :S

27-07-2008, 08:37 AM
So is this actually gonna pull through? Spacemonkey, if ya need help in this, you could ask me =) I'm a DnD fanatic.

The Spacemonkey
27-07-2008, 04:45 PM
Sorry guys. Been trying to get the book read, 'bout halfway through. Had folk up from Leeds this weekend. If anyone who wants to play can make up a character and e-mail it to me we can schedule a session for some time towards the end of the coming week.

I figure all we need to do is sort out a messenger service to use and a time to log on together and we can just play the game through. Any dice rolls can be done by the people on their own as I figure everyone's trustworthy.

How's that for a start?


Captain Castus
27-07-2008, 06:26 PM
Cool... Should we establish first who's definately playing and then we can have a chat about character creation amongst ourselves as it would be best to get a 'balanced' group rather than everyone being Assasins or something ;)

People who are definately in, quote this section and edit to add your name:

1) Castus (MSN = davidcutter(at)hotmail.co.uk)


27-07-2008, 09:03 PM
I might be interested if anyone who has a pdf of the rules can send me one. Sounds like fun in any case and ive always wanted to try a pen and paper rpg.

27-07-2008, 11:32 PM
Cool... Should we establish first who's definately playing and then we can have a chat about character creation amongst ourselves as it would be best to get a 'balanced' group rather than everyone being Assasins or something ;)

People who are definately in, quote this section and edit to add your name:

1) Castus (MSN = davidcutter(at)hotmail.co.uk)
2) Corerosion (MSN= benjaminmoktse@yahoo.co.uk)


Heh, i'm probably gonna be a generic guardsman. Barring that, I could also be a reformed Khornate cultist with anger issues.

28-07-2008, 06:56 PM
Ok got the torrents downloading, ETA: Infinity. Ya. Infinity. Imagine my surprise. I got 0.3 percent in a few minutes though so it IS moving. I hope.

1) Castus (MSN = davidcutter(at)hotmail.co.uk)
2)Corerosion (MSN= benjaminmoktse@yahoo.co.uk)
3)Mycosynth (MSN= dylanae@gmail.com)

The Dim Reaper
28-07-2008, 09:10 PM
well in for a penny.

4) dim_reaper_666@hotmail.com



Captain Castus
28-07-2008, 09:48 PM
Does that address really have spaces in it Dim?


28-07-2008, 11:28 PM
I think their underscores not spaces. Also ETA is STILL Infinity. But its moving. I guess my computer is so hardcore, it can compute infinity.

The Dim Reaper
29-07-2008, 12:02 AM
Yes tehy are underscores. I didn't think that it would make a like of the address.

So its like this dim(underscore)reaper(underscore)666(at)hotmail.co m

My bad :D



29-07-2008, 06:14 AM
Tomorrow's the day peoples playing it again oh I cannot wait

29-07-2008, 08:18 PM
Well ive skimmed through the book, so I'm looking forward to when we start.

Captain Castus
29-07-2008, 09:33 PM
OK, so we have:

GM = Spacemonkey (?MSN)

1) Castus (MSN = davidcutter@hotmail.co.uk)
2) Corerosion (MSN= benjaminmoktse@yahoo.co.uk)
3) Mycosynth (MSN= dylanae@gmail.com)
4) Dim Reaper (MSN = dim_reaper_666@hotmail.com)

I just realised... Timing playing maybe a bit tricky if we're in different time zones!

I'm in the UK and evenings are best for me, but that would be afternoons for someone in, say, Canada?

Where do you guys all 'really' live timezone-wise? Toronto and Glasgow I can work out... but... SG? The 'other' dimension? I'll need some help!


29-07-2008, 09:49 PM
Well it shouldnt be too hard for you and dim to find a good time. Im -5 GMT and im guessing by evening you mean Six'o'Clock and onwards so that would be between 1ish-5ish for me, which is usually fine unless im doing something else during that time, but I should be free most days (Cursed 3/4 or so of my friends going away for the summer).

The Spacemonkey
29-07-2008, 11:04 PM
OK, so we have:

GM = Spacemonkey = spacemonkeee@hotmail.com

1) Castus (MSN = davidcutter@hotmail.co.uk)
2) Corerosion (MSN= benjaminmoktse@yahoo.co.uk)
3) Mycosynth (MSN= dylanae@gmail.com)
4) Dim Reaper (MSN = dim_reaper_666@hotmail.com)


Hey hey.

Right I've got the first adventure read! it's a quick one called, shattered hope, that will lead into the one that comes with the core rules, Illumination :)

Your inquisitor will be Tyburn Graves. The adventure is set up so that your character has just been recruited and is en route to begin basic acolyte training.

Time wise I'm good for &pm GMT onward. Kids bedtime :)

When would we like our first session to be? I'd be good with Friday, but am obviously willing to work round other schedules.

29-07-2008, 11:22 PM
Friday would actually be perfect, I finish my exam on Thursday (curse you math!) so Friday would be awesome. We should get together on msn sometime before than so we can work out Characters. I'm thinking Cleric, Psyker or Techpriest or maybe Assassin for my class (I like Support if you cant tell :P) but im pretty flexible so anythings good.

The Spacemonkey
30-07-2008, 08:44 AM
Tomorrow's the day peoples playing it again oh I cannot wait

Hey Adrassil!

How did the game go?

Sorry we've all totally hijacked your thread :(

Mycosynth, Any class should work out ok. If the party gets unbalanced I'll just tweak the story! A quick get toggether does sound like a good idea. I'll check back later and see what everyone else thinks.


31-07-2008, 07:23 AM
Yep played it last night had damn fun lol

Nah it's cool that you guys hijacked it *vein pops into view* IT"S FINEEE!!! Jokes okay heres to the bread and butter lol

Well we started were we finished off with tow huge bat like xenos corpses laying slaughtered upon the ground and one very scared guy surrounded by six very suspisous inquisitorial agents (before a start mor I have to inform that the guy who plays the other assassin could not play so he was not in it accept the start)

Well we start to question this freaked out bastard and find out that he was hired by some huinched weirdos to get bodies and take them to the bum! bum! buuummm! entirely not cliche old sky mill (like a wind mill accept the propellers are facing the sky)

and before we can get anymore info the one of my allies says why the psychotic CC assassin had not killed the guy yet and the gm's like "oh yeah Roth chops the guys head off!"

So we leave and I'm a little huffed but we decide to go back to the cities barracks and my priest ally who got really frigged up get's healed up.

While I am waithing I decide to check out the town's wall and straight away a enemy cannon tries to kill me but with my awesome AGI I dodge and immediatly decide to leave the wall lol

At the barracks we meet up with our leader named (the guy who hired us) Stig he has sharpened teeth and all that and we ask him about the "Old sky mill" and he's like ph I know what one you mean and takes us there.

When we arrive the things all run down and has five entrances but my party's psyker gets the idea to use his power to walk up the wall with another ally's rope so the rest of us can climb up after he does and most of us except one of my parties guardsmen and our "leader" stig climb the rope. (which took most of us a few goe to roll lol)

Once we enter the guardsman with Stig decide to enter into the sky mill and shining his torch in the guardsman sees piles upon piles of dead, rotting bodies (which I forgot to mention we smeled when we came even slightly close to the place)

In utter disgust my ally tells stig to go and call for back up and stig (which I can hardly blame him in doing) Stig did not argue as he turned and ran off.

Meinwhile the rest of us are looking down, seeing strange light move around and I decide that my character will go down to investigate.

He reaches the bottom and finds the mounds of corpses and easily passes his fear test and with auto gun raised he advances to investigate. meinwhile the rest of my allies are cowering up the tower to scared to send down there characters but with a bit of convincing the party's priest comes down adn stands next to me.

I roll an awarness test and pass so I hear a slopping, grinding noise both the priest and I decide to walk toward the nearest mound of bodies and suddenly this creatures pops out; it's a slimy xenos with maggots for it's entire body and both the priest and I take fear tests; the priest barely fails his and like I was in the last battle he was shaken so his got -10 to WS and BS.

And I...I roll a 98! But I use a fate point and instead roll and 13 I was damn relieved!

So both the priest and I charge the thing and we roll intitave The creature rolls highest, me second and the priest third
and it raises a weird pistol to shoot us while we charge but misses then we are on it

I attack and hit quite well getting plus 20 to WS for both out numbering it and charging

But the friging thing dodges!

It already dodged my blow allowed for the priest to hit and do like 13 damage I think but it get's negated by a jaw dropping 9! so it takes only 4 damage!

My other guardsman (the one who clibed up the rope not came in the other way) allie with his las gun fires and does I think something along the lines of 5 damage mein while the psker is standing up the stairs doing jack and my other guardsman ally is trying to advance as quickly as possible to help out.

It counters and attacks at my preist ally but misses and I counter and hit! But I'm dodged again :( then the priest lays into it with his chainsword and frigs it up with I dunno how much damage exactly but it was a bit.

And again the guardsman on the stairs fires but this time misses and then the thing goes after me hitting me but I roll a cool 20 for my dodge and avoid the thing's attack with ease.

I attacked once more and rolled a three to hit! But again Iam dodged and the priest attacks to and im pretty sure he missed and the guradsman snipping it hits but it bounces.

Then the thing turns it's attention to the priest and with one attack removes my tough ally to -2 wounds!

and finally the psyker decides to help out and starts to descend the stair case but on the way spots another bat thing climbing down to attack us. and the he startes to walk down the wall to avoid it.

Then the other guardsman the one advancing charges to thing and does a bit and so does the guardsman firing at it from the stair well.

I attack once again and once again am dodged then my IG ally attacks but does crap little damage (as he only has a knife)

and my sniping friend fired again but missed Then the psyker arrived and rolled a 9 for intiative so he went before me (yay!) from long range he shoots his crummy las pistol and misses then the creature counters at my IG ally but misses again

It was then that the psyker shot and hit thhe thing and it uses it's dodge to avoid it but fails! and gets done 3 damage lol.
But that wasnt the point as it could not dodge my attack and I layed into it doing 12 damage! Yay!

Then my ally with the las gun starts to advance to get into close range and thats when the bast like creature appears!
But th IG fails to notice it and shoots the worm thing and does a bit more damage.

Then te priest finally regains himself and frigs it up knocking it to the ground and it gets back up and tries to run like the coward it was.

I shoot at it with my auto gun but miss and my psyker freind notices it and called this out to the rest of us.

Meinwhile my CC IG friend elects to charge to fleeing slug thing with the priest and I shoot at the bat thing with my auto gun hitting it and doing some damage then I star to draw my blade.

Then it charges my long range IG allie but misses him (just)

meinwhile the priest finishes off the slug thing and they bothe turn back at the creature my other IG allie shoots it with his auto pistol and totally feths it up he get's like 3 super hits!

then the psyker throws a grenade smashing the bat thing up and injuring the IG in closecombat with it by 1 damage (lucky it had no AP) the creature is now on the ground basically dead and I charge it and finish it (I needed over 70 to miss lol)

And then we were done and our GM gave us 150 exp points and finally I had enough to upgrade my def to 34 yay!

If I survive and finish he says were gonna get 300 exp and from that I'm getting +5 to WS and BS cant wait till next wednesday!

The Spacemonkey
31-07-2008, 08:54 AM
Sounds exiting. But you've got to whip your party into line. They sound like they're all over the show!

Cheers for the update.

Everyone else. Chatted with coreosion yesterday on MSN and he's going for a cleric.

Let me know how we're getting on.

31-07-2008, 04:27 PM
Im thinking Adept, Tech Priest or Assassin then. Ill base it off whatever Castus and Dim want. Adept is a little iffy though, as they seem pretty worthless in a combat situation, though I like the whole "Knows anything that is or was" thing.

The Spacemonkey
31-07-2008, 06:14 PM
There's no such thing as a worthless character. Especially since If you've got a gun, you don't need to be especially hard to deal out the wounds :)

Besides, killing isn't everything.

31-07-2008, 08:18 PM
Well i finished my character so whenever you guys are ready I'm good to go.

Captain Castus
31-07-2008, 08:51 PM
I think I might go with Imperial Psyker... You strong lads will just have to protect me... ;)


p.s. When we've made our characters we should post their background on Astro and swap files of our character sheets via MSN...

I'll make a new thread for our stuff in this section...

The Dim Reaper
31-07-2008, 11:50 PM
Guys i'm having serious trouble finding any D10s around the place. I've searched several sci fi shops etc to no avail...

So, anyone know a d10 random generator on the internet. It would be a great help....

I'm going to have another read of the rulebook before I decide class. Hell, I'll just be Karl Geiss, everyones favorite rouge.

Right, I'm going as the Rouge class....



31-07-2008, 11:54 PM
Its called Scum, and that would be swell. So if your going for that I guess I'll go Arbritrator or Guardsman. Im undecided. Also for D10's you could just use a d6 and a d4 together. You might have actually seen d10's actually, I thought mine was a d9 then I realized it had a 0, and that was probably 10 and not actually 0 :D.

Oh ya, Castus, that Writable Character Sheet doesnt work for me, because I cant save the text onto the sheet, it only saves the sheet.

The Dim Reaper
01-08-2008, 12:08 AM
Right, scum it is...
I'll look around again tomorrow and see what i can scrounge for D10s.



01-08-2008, 12:32 AM
http://www.wizards.com/dnd/dice/dice.htm =)

Captain Castus
01-08-2008, 07:04 AM
Also for D10's you could just use a d6 and a d4 together.

No you can't! Statistically that's different... For a start you can't roll a '1'! ;)

Oh ya, Castus, that Writable Character Sheet doesnt work for me, because I cant save the text onto the sheet, it only saves the sheet.

Really? Ah crap... Maybe you need the full Adobe programme or summit... Still you could print out a nice sheet!


01-08-2008, 07:27 AM
LOl you guys should ranomly roll your characters like I did! It's surprisingly fun but I got exactly what I wanted so...:)

The Spacemonkey
01-08-2008, 08:45 AM
Hey guys.

Anyone having trouble with the pdf can use this


I think I can view excel sheets ok on my machine.

Captain Castus
01-08-2008, 06:51 PM
I found out you can save to the pdf one without the full adobe programme... It doesn't work if you click on 'save'... But if you just close the window it asks if you want to 'save changes'... Which works! :D Silly huh?!


Ziggy Tempest
02-08-2008, 12:14 AM
@Dim Reaper I got a set of various Die from a book store so you could try in that sort of place. :D

I've got a copy of the rule's so I'd like to join in if I'm not too late :(

02-08-2008, 03:12 AM
Sure Ziggy! Just insert in yer email in a post

06-08-2008, 10:59 PM
Ouch played last night lost one of my allies and nearly everyone almost died

Well we started were we finished (obviously) The slug man was dead and so was it's bat pet thing our party's priest was frikked up, so after much debate we start heading up the stairway the two shotgun wielding guardsmen at the fore the me next, the Close combat assassin following and the highly injured priest and the psyker at the back. we advance and my Gm says for us to take an awareness test the two guardsmen fail there's, but my guy (who has awareness as a skill) passes.
So I see one of the giant bat xenos thing coming down the stair way and it charges the guardsman at the lead but I shout it's presence to my allies so everyone knows it's there.
The creature trues to feint the guardsman but fails then we see two more of the creatures coming down the stairs (yay!) But the one dissaperes off the side of the stairs I shoot at the other not locked in combat hitting it for 5 damage.

Mein while the two guardsmen try to fight off the first creature making the one at the front crouch while the other shoots over his shoulder and despite it being point blank range, despite the creature being monsterous the second guardsman misses his shot!
The second bat creature (who has acrobatics leaps into the air) and smashes straight into the second guardsman and threatning to knock him off the ledge!

And the guy rolls a dex test and rolls a terrible 90! But in a really cool move the guardsman grabs onto the creature and pulls it off with him, the pair fall off the stairs and fall like 80 metres the impact doesnt kill them but both their horrible resulting injuries do RIP Kar.

Then the leading gets hit by mysterious lasers hurting him alot!

The Close Combat assassin elects to use his rope to try pull himself up and behind the creature attacking my guardsman ally but is inturrupted by the beams of plasma shooting down at us and one hits the poor bastard knocking him to 0 wounds and making him unconcius

Then the first guardsman uses his own rope to jump down the ledge and to throw a grenade at the creature, blowing it to mushy pieses.

Meinwhile my character is standing completly and utterly bewildered he had just watched the horrible collapse of three of his allies and guess what? I foolishly decide to run up the stairs (and roll a great 24 to pass the dex test easily) and more beams of laser fire upon me and all miss!

And the priest (who earlier burnt a fate point t regain I think 3 health?) Being a psycho preist elects to run after me but unlike me frigs up his roll badly but spend one of his fate points to recover and guess what fails even worse!!
He falls through the stair way and crashes onto the next, breaking his leg.

And I elect to continue to run and pass with flying colours again, meinwhile the laser bursts are flying at me but still miss! I think one hit but I dodged it.
And while this is happeneing all my frigged up allies are trying to regroup The psyker is trying to heal the frigged up CC assassin and everyone is stunned in one way or another.

But now I decide to walk up the ricty stairs, not wishing to push my luck after watching the poor priest frigging himself up like that and still the beams of light are flying my way still missing.

Then I reach the top of the stairs in the next turn, alone and totally unsupported what I find are even more mounds of bodies I find three of the slug beasties! aand three (yes three!) of beasts made of slugs...

I roll a fear test and roll an 55! but I spend a fate point and roll a 24 (few!)

I immediatly elect to turn and run but the creatures roll higher intiative and shoot at me and explosive rounds fly around me like confetti, one hits and I fail the dodge but spend my last fate point and dodge it!

So I immediatly turn tail and run like the wind! and they follow me.

I run down the stairs with their laser beams shooting around me but everyone miss once I make 2 running turns my GM elects to break from combat and we regroup.

While I was almost killed my CC ally had injected himself with stimm and the psyker had healed my last remaining Guardsman ally.

So we set up a plan, my last IG ally suggests that he uses his rope to dangle off the stair's side, wait for the creatures to walk by and throw his last remaining grenade while the psyker suggests that we just lay a bobby trap.

I agreed with the psyker and tried to convince that if the IG do it he could invairibly die.

But the Ig decides to go along with the plan while the rest of us go down the stairs.

The IG waits and then crecking foot steps come down and he throws the grenade, hitting all three in deluge of fire, causeing two 12 damage (-8 for their defense though) the other he did like five so nothing...

Then they notice him and fire, frikking him up for like a crap load of damage almost killing the poor bastard and out of desperation I open up with my auto gun with a full auto flurry but miss and whats worse Iam outta ammo!

Then the half dead guadsman fights back shotting his shot gun and rolling a ten for hitting blowing one in the head and deals it a whopping 24 damage! -8 of course!.

and the creatures shoot back smashing him to -7 wounds I think and we elect to run, taking the poor unconcius guardsman with us.

We reach the bottom of the tower and find another dead bat like creature and Stig had arived with reinforcements!
him and 7 of the local soliders all wielding hunting rifles!

The CC assassin ally says for us to burn down the tower but that would have been impossible as we were in the middle of a damp swamp!

So we tell Stig and one other guy to leave and get more reinforcements and gun powder to blow the damn tower up.

We all fall back the priest and I on one side while the rest of us on the other, covering 4 out of five of the tower's entrances.

Then the creatures show themselves, exiting out the main entrance and start to walk out west, toward a another part of the city and another swamp.

We debate for along time whether or not to open fire these things were or not but I make the decsion for them I was not going to let the damnable xenos excape and even though horribley out of range I draw my pistols and elect to open fire with both at full auto and order my men to fire their hunting rifles and lol one's explodes one jams on hits and one misses

I could just imagine my guy screaming out in frustration, firing wildly at the xenos!

But they escape into the city and we recieve reinforcements and follow but as we look out of the swamp a space craft lifts off and flies into orbit!

Crap! So I decide to climb the tower (which is rigged to expolde and investigate it's top, there I find a space chart which has dozens of world placed out and dead bodies of not just locals but off worlders as well after I leave the tower the locals blow the heretical tower too smithereens and we leave back into a our orbiting ship, reporting to our inquisitor our failure....

On hind site we were luck not more of us died and if I had not charged on, acting in foolish bravado and attracting the xenos guns away from my allies they may have been horrifcally injured or worse and the guy didn't like his character (the one who died) so he gave up on his...

The Spacemonkey
07-08-2008, 05:06 PM
Exiting conclusion to the tower of horrible slimy things!

Hope you catch up to them with some new allies you conveniently bump into along the way and don't forget to buy more ammo!

07-08-2008, 11:54 PM
Thanks Spacemonkey man that was hard that game! I'm looking forward to next week though I'm gonna compete in another tournament compitition and kick arse regaining my honor after my loss...But one thing I've realised is that my character has not been dealt one bit of damage yet the closest was agains that guy in the arena but all his attack were defended he only dealt me fatigue damage.

Wait so I can play with Sigismund yay! you rule Spacemonkey!

14-08-2008, 06:40 AM
Haha! here I am again to publish the blog but I do not think I can finish it dont have much time...

Well after last week we failed and the aliens left so the GM decided to wind back the clock and our personal drop ship picks us up and takes us to the world's main city there we look around, share out our money and buy stuff so i elect to buy 400 auto gun rounds (they only cost 1 throne belt per 20 rounds)
And I come back to the arena to get revenge and regain my honour so Im in the arena and fight this bastard!

At first it was quite one sided my dice rolls sucked to be frank missing like an idiot and he hit me once then I fought back hitting him for a couple of good hits but this all ends when I roll a critical on his arm.

Lol I literally tear it off with my bare hands (it was bare knuckles boxing) and he falls over and dies hahahah it was non lethal fight also so my guy was really, really angry lol that was the awesomest thing ever and I won my ally 140 throne gelt and man I kicked arse! I'll post more tomorrow when I get time sorry

The Spacemonkey
10-09-2008, 01:58 PM
So, you're 'real-life' Heresy game still on the go? Or did the strain of too much shopping finally destroy you all?!

11-09-2008, 05:19 AM
Eep still going on but Im kinda doing the same scenario of the online game mate si I dont want t o give away anything or that stuff....

The Spacemonkey
11-09-2008, 09:23 AM
Ah ha!

That's cool. It'll be interesting to see the differences that crop up.