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12-07-2008, 05:43 PM
Im preparing for the LOTR GT and was wandering what people thought of these armies

Evil first

The Black Gate:

Orc Shaman

Morannon orc - shield x13
Morannon orc - sh, sp x10
Orc Tracker x11

Cirith Ungol

Gorbag - shield
Shagrat - shield

Mordor Troll
Orc Banner
Orc - shield x5
Orc - spear x10
Orc Tracker x7
Mordor Uruk - 2h x4

Models 65
Points 700
Might 7
Bows 18 (4+ shoot)

Now for my good i think this force lacks a good hero

Tower of ecthelion

Captain OMT heavy armour lance shield horse 75pts

Captain OMT Shield 55pts

10 Citadel guard bows and spears 110pts

10 GOTFC shields 110pts

5 KnightsOMT 65pts

7 WOMT shields 56pts

Grey company
4 Rangers of the north 100pts

16 Rangers of arnor 128pts

ok thank you for all replys

27-08-2008, 08:58 PM
I will admit I dont quite know those lists well, but I can give things a shot.

-What are orc trackers?
-Take more than one troll
-Have a token cavalry force, at least to deal with opposing cavalry (Rohan eats this list)
-Not sure, but a catapult mightliven up the list (up to you, just an idea)
-A Ringwraith (one of the new, juicy, named ones perhaps?) will deal with good uber-heroes
-Evil bows aren't all that good
-Make a semi-kill-team: a "squad" of elite units that can go after hard targets. Either some more uruks, or black numenoreans
-Give said kill team a banner, and possible one of your heroes

-can you put a summary like you did for your evil list (models, points, bow, ect)
-Get a powerhouse hero, they will be able to deal with large threats
-Avenger bolt throwers are your friends
-Cut down on the grey company and boost the size of your tower complements
-Like above, make a kill quad, but this time lead it with you uber-hero (aragorn, boromir, ect.)
-A phalanx made with Fountain Court Guard and allied Dol Amroth Pikemen (with a banner and captain) would kill everything

So that's all for now. If you have any questions, fire away.