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13-05-2008, 03:40 PM

Herald of Khorne - 165
juggernaught & armour of Khorne

Herald of slaaneesh(1)-155
daemonic robes, tourment blade and battle standard bearer

Herald of Slaaneesh(2)-125
steed of slaaneesh

1. Bloodletters (20) - 270
full command

2.Bloodletters(25)-355 (skulltaker hides in this unit)
full command and have banner of endless war (a extra d6 while charging)

3.Slaaneesh Daemonettes(20) -270 (Slaaneesh daemon 1 hides in here)
full command

Bloodreaper only(champ)


5. Flesh hounds (5) - 175 (dropped Karanak to fit squad 4 in)


6.Bloodcrushers (4) (Really expensive these guys)(herald of khorne hides in here) 330
full command

7.Seekers of Slaaneesh (9)246 (slaaneesh daemon 2 hides in here)
full command

basically the plan of attack is the fast movers (Hounds and the Seekers rush up both flanks and take out shooting while The Crushers and the rest of the army Rushes forward to kill everything.

what do you all think ??

CnC Welcome !

14-05-2008, 10:01 AM
Scary combat army. Very scary. Just be careful of that shooting is all I can say as any foe wirth his salt will target the faster units or protect his shooters well.


14-05-2008, 01:20 PM
most of the units on foot are fast any hoo i.e. bloodletters march 10 daemonettes 12 .... lol

22-08-2008, 10:00 PM
Hi Im Killer. I play mainly fantasy. Chaos rules- especially the new Daemons! But you dont have to cheese 'em up to make a good competitive army that is still fun to play against. My latest list looks like this:


Lord of Change: 635
(450)+ lvl4wiz(85)+ twin Heads(75)+ Master of Sorcery(25)

Herald of Khorne: 325
(100)+ Juggernaut(50)+ Firestorm Blade(25)+ Armour of Korne(25)+ Bstb(25)+
Banner of Hellfire(100)

Herald of Tzeentch: 165
(115)+ Fire of Tzeentch(25)+ Daemonic Robes(25)

Herald of Nurgle: 250
(115)+ Lvl1wiz(50)+ Palanquin(50)+ Noxious Vapours(25)+ Slime Trail(10)


12 Bloodletters: 193
(144)+ Champ(12)+ Stb(12)+ Skull Totem(25)

16 Plaguebearers;
(192)+ Champ(12)+ Stb(12)+ Mus(6)+ St of Seeping Decay(25)

10 Pink Horrors: 120

4 Flesh Hounds: 140
4 Flesh Hounds: 140

Whatcha think?...

22-08-2008, 10:12 PM
Hi, Guzzlrr. Seems like a good list! one thing i found is that by making the Herald of Khorne the Bstb the Bstanderd stays in play longer, cause he's quite damn difficult to kill and because of the Juggernaut he damn fast too!... Quite litterally a killing machine!

I also found that by squishing in a few plaugebearers with the Herald w Slime Trail, you got yourself a unit that doesnt go anywhere, unless they feel like it! they can hold down big enemy squads and heroes and give your heavy hitters the time they need to take out the other things and then come from behind and finish the job! But i guess thats personal preference, but i found it works... Beautifuly...

02-12-2008, 04:21 PM
killer your list is illegal as your flesh hounds min size unit is 5 not 4