View Full Version : 1800 pt Woodelf army

08-05-2008, 05:52 AM
I\'m playing my friend\'s orc army this weekend.. any suggestions welcome as its my first time playing them in a long time.

Noble, General with Bow of Loren and Enchanted Shield
Waywatcher Noble, with Hail of Doom arrow
Branchwraith, with Annoyance of Netlings and Murder of Sprites
8 Dryads with unit Champ
10 Glade guard with Musician and Standard Bearer and Banner of Springtide
10 Glade guard with Musician
5 Scouts with Musician
5 Glade riders
6 Wardancers with Champ and Musician
6 Wardancers with Champ and Musician
3 Treekin with Champ
1 Treeman

I hope to be able to pelt him with some decent shooting and slow down his marches with the Waywatcher and scouts. Only thing I\'m really concerned about is Fanatics, Bolt Throwers and Boar Boys.

14-05-2008, 09:59 PM
Arrows, arrows and more arrows. Also, if you are at 2k points, watch out for orc super-hards like grimgor and azag. If he has "grom the paunch" kill it and gobbos will run.
What points is this?

PS watch out for black orcs and big uns. they strike at str 5 and 6