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05-05-2008, 09:46 PM
Heres my current 2k List for my local gw


Kurt Helborg ( with the knights ) 325 pts


warrior priest with heavy armour , shield and VHS ( swordsman ) 126 pts

lv2 barded mounted wizard with a dispel scroll ( with the knights ) 139 pts

lv 2 battle wizard with two dispel scrolls ( swordsman ) 150 pts


20 swordsman with command 145 pts

5 hand gunners detachment 40 pts

10 handgunners with marksman 85 pts

10 handgunners with marksman 85 pts

20 flagellants with prophet of doom 210 pts

10 knights with command and banner of arcane warning 300 pts


5 pitoliers with outrider with repeater pistol 107 pts

great cannon 100 pts

Mortar 75 pts


Hellblaster volley gun 110 pts

1997 pts

Son of Dorn
06-05-2008, 01:12 PM
Cant you only have one character attached to a unit? also what school are your wizards?

14-05-2008, 09:56 PM
Not sure for the 1 character thing, and at 2k you get a 2nd rar and 4th special.
You see way heavy on dispel scrolls, but against some armies, that is good.

hurons fallen
07-06-2008, 03:29 AM
Hey not a bad list i play empire myself here is my thoughts hope they help. Is this a shooty based army if so you might want to try to get 10 pistoliers in the unit.(deployed 10 wide you get 21 shots with allways stand and shoot, you can also use the free reform to get a medium strength close combat unit, I would try to target low WS, T troops though as they dont have the skill to go toe to toe with the Harder units/characters). You could also try dropping the pistoliers and putting in as many units of handgunners possible( remeber the longrifle) and 2 units of 5 outriders.(you will get 9 shots a turn from each unit of handgunners and 12 shots a turn from the outriders, Then you will get 2 marksman shots( 36" range, strength 4,armour piercing, target individual characters even if in unit shots) from the outriders plus one from each unit of handgunners. If you place most/all of your firepower on one flank you will be able to kill anything that comes to close, especialy when you add a couple of Lv 2 wizards, vollygun, cannon/mortar,and a little bit of combat potential(if you still got points left). This is only a plan at the moment as i haven't played enough games with this variant to develop solid tactics. As a stop gap the longer you can keep the enemy out of your lines the better.(you can acheive this by A: magic inhibiting movment B: putting sacrificial units in to slow the advance or C: both at once. Anyway hope i could be of some asistance good hunting. I will write you some tactics for a more combat strong force as i am a bit better with these (played more games with my mainly knight List, not much shooting in here)

12-07-2008, 01:37 AM
Looks like a decent mixed army
althought u have a few pointers
wizard in a knights unit? and there not inner circle. putting in kurt suggests u wanna throw them into hell and watch them charge out the other side but if there not inner circle with a nice chewy squishy wizard in there could prove bad
i love handgunners to bit but dont over do them or ur lines get congested and u cant move anything without disturbing whole units
Swordsmen and flags are awsome