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29-04-2008, 08:15 AM
Ok, not only is the topic unfamiliar, it is an uncommon army so I dont really expect much in terms of help, but any at all would be a big help. Army list and tactics.

Gimli, Son of Gloin – 100
Elven Cloak

Dwarf Captain – 70
Shield and Throwing Axes

(26) Dwarven Warriors – 284
8 with Shields
8 with Dwarf Bows
8 with Two-Handed Axes
2 with Banners

(8) Iron Guard – 120

(24) Dwarven Rangers – 240
16 with Two –Handed Axes and Throwing Axes
8 with Dwarven Longbows

Dwarven Ballista – 135
Dwarf Engineer Captain
Flaming Ammunition
Siege Veterans

My tactics are this army is an all around list (hence the siege upgrades). I use an engineer captain because he is just a captain that can influence ballista for tricky shots. The rangers would send some with the main body of warriors (led by captain and banner). Gimli would lead the iron guard (with a banner).

30-04-2008, 07:34 PM
Looks like a solid list:)
I havent played dwarfs since they brought out the source book for them, but ive got the jist of them from WD.
One piece of general Lotr advice, keep bow armed models seperate from non bow armed ones, if you keep them together itll just slow them all down and as its lotr you dont need to use them as unitsB) If you keep ten models armed with the same type of bow in base to base contact you can volley fire with them aswell, dont know how good you are on the rules so i just thought id mention it.
One tactic that works really well with banners in lotr is to form a horseshoe around the banner, so the banner is behind the front line. You still get the benifit from it but hes safe from danger, its even dirtier if you keep another dwarf in base contact with him at all times;)
Hope this helps, id like to give you some more specific advice but no-one in my area plays lotr anyore:(

30-06-2008, 08:14 AM
yeah i tried a while ago to talk about lotr but didnt succeed

i dont know dwarve very well but i do know they are tough little things
so the horse shoe works very well with dwarves

i personally dont like maxing out 33% of the army on bows ( but im an elf player so the one i have always hit which is great)

khazad guard would be nice with a banner they can chop there way down through anything

ok when i post my gondor army please take a serious look because im going to lotr GT for the first time so i dont know what to expect