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21-03-2008, 10:08 PM
Having quickly gone through the rulebook I\'ve come up with a rough gang list for my Goliaths. Here are my efforts...

Gang Leader (Big Johnny):
Stub Gun with Dum Dum bullets
Frag Grenades 205pts

Heavy (Menacing Dennis):
Heavy Stubber 180pts

Gangers (Pistols Pete):
Stub Gun with Dum Dum bullets
Frag Grenades 125pts

(Dead-Shot Stewie):
Shotgun with Man-Stopper Shells
Autopistol 90pts

(Muscle Bob):
Stub Gun with Dum Dum bullets
Frag Grenades 105pts

(Dodgy Dave):
Shotgun with Man-Stopper shells
Laspistol 90pts

Juves (Nifty Nige):
Stub Gun
Frag Grenades 65pts

(Shrimpy Steve):
Frag Grenades 70pts

That\'s a total points cost of 930pts and a total of 8 models. Any advice or comments are very welcome and also I\'m after a name for the gang so any suggestions would be great! :)

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Aun O Vader
21-03-2008, 11:04 PM
you\'re over-equipping your gangers. If you ditch the frag grenades from your juves then you\'ll be able to afford another ganger. multiple pistols with a ganger are excessive, your better off waiting until you can get the gunslinger skill and then get a second pistol.

If you have given someone a shotgun i wouldn\'t bother giving them a secondary weapon, other than a cc weapon of some kind. a shotgun comes with 2 kinds of ammo, with manstopper as well then your unlikely to run out of all ammo, all you need is something to hit people with if they assault you.

I\'d think about a gang name like the brutes, its very fitting for Goliath gangs.

The real trick with necromunda is not to over equip your gangers, there\'s always the chance they may die on you, especially early in your gangs career.

21-03-2008, 11:49 PM
I thought that might be so - atm i\'m limited to just the eight models but i\'ll keep my eyes peeled on ebay to get some different, individual models instead of the same ones again from gw direct. I was just aiming to fill up as much of my points allowance as possible without having to spend as much money!! :laugh:

22-03-2008, 05:41 AM
Well cash aside, get gangers. If there are casualties then you need men to work the turf, so work some more in there and Vader has it right. Stick with a single weapon, and get a CC type in there as well in case things get personal. Pistols and swords aer a good combo every time, especially if you score vents or tunnels as turf, allowing that key deployment advantage.

Besides, your gangers will specialise themselves as they advance, so simply give them basic kit to start with and roll from there. I was always a fan of Lasguns and shotguns to start with, and then equipping depending upon the advances made during exp gains.

Juves? Double edged sword. Good for numbers, poor for performance, I always found they were more luck than judgement and as a result, rarely took them, unless I had a settlement that scored me a free juve. Then I\'d have them.