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07-03-2008, 10:40 PM
Going through the old WD\'s recently I\'ve come across the ones documenting the first release of Necromunda and, having never played it before, I thought what the hell, downloaded everything from the specialist games site and mail ordered a goliath gang from direct.

My plan is to get some folks at our local model club interested in it so we can get a bit of a campaign thingy going. My problem is simply a bit of advice is needed to help me explain the game to modellers who haven\'t rolled a dice in anger before! Oh and I need to learn the rules as well...;)

My question is: is anyone doing something similar atm or has done so in the past?

I really want to make it work as its a fairly cheap and easy game to digest and we\'ll be able to play a good game easily in two hours.

Ta for any and all help! :)

Aun O Vader
07-03-2008, 10:51 PM
OK I need to get this off my chest.

Necromunda is, in my opinion, the second best game that GW ever released. Just beaten by blood bowl.

Why, because it\'s dirt cheap to get started at. You can get half a dozen mates together and start a gang off each. In no time you\'ll find every single game will develop a narrative, whether you want one or not. Will your sniper make yet another miracle shot. will your insanely unlucky juves survive another game. and then you end up with injuries that result in hatred, and the minis make their own narrative.

It\'s cheap to start a gang, and some of the minis are really characterful.

if anyone is interested in this kind of thing then I say go for it, Necroumnda rocks!

07-03-2008, 11:02 PM
I have to agree with you AunO its the reason why i\'ve decided to introduce to the other group members. My only concern is whether there will be enough takers to warrant a campaign. I really hope so preciesly for the reasons you\'ve mentioned. And as for Blood Bowl I very nearly started that as well. I\'ve got the downloaded rulebook printed off and sitting in my room! Drinks printer ink like there\'s no tommorrow!!

The Cassmasta
07-03-2008, 11:02 PM
Gotta agree with Vader, Necromunda and Blood Bowl are both fantastic games.

I havent played necromunda in almost a decade at this point, but I would start again in a second (Van Saar Forever!)

Its easy to learn, especially for non wargamers, and might even attract others to 40K or what not.

The thing that grabs me the most about necromunda was the experience system. After a dozen or so battles your gang will be hardened and tough as nails, but when you face a newbie gang, they get a bunch of experience bonuses. Keeps you comign back for more. And More. And More.

Damn I wish we played Necromunda out here!

07-03-2008, 11:07 PM
Seconded, my most fun gaming moments where during Mordheim and Necromunda games. Both games have excellent rules and very characterful miniature lines.

And as Aun said, it is very cheap to start this game. In fact some spare IG minis can get you started on the trail of underhive supremacy ;)

The thing that always really did it for me with Necromunda was that the games are narrative driven. Corny as it sounds, you develop as bond with \'your\' gang which increases from game to game. The gaming itself can be taken as seriously or relaxed as you want, I always went overboard making scenery pieces and all kinds of objectives for the sheer modelling opportunites the game offers.

So I\'d say go for it, whatever gang you go with even if you stop playing Necromunda you have some superb minis that can serve proudly in any IG army!

As for the campaign itself, I\'d suggest to start slow and simply. Creating a slowly intensifying storyline, perhaps with a dispute between two gangs over a certain tunnelnetwork or something of the sort. Before you know it the rest of the story develops by itself! And if not you can always throw in a special character, a Ratskin mystery or some mutties trying to take over ;)

I\'ve also been tinkering with a campaign map idea for both Mordheim and Necromunda using the Mighty Empire tiles as a starting point (project has been collecting dust on a shelf for 3 months now). Once I find the time and a box of tiles I\'ll work those out a bit more, who knows might be useful for somebody and I like a good modelling challenge!

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kharn the betrayer
10-03-2008, 12:46 AM
Ah I have to agree so many good games no longer supported.

Dark Future, Adeptus Titanicus, Necromunda (does anyone know the name of it\'s first incarnation).

Even Gorka Morka was a good laugh, I think that GW takes itself too seriously now. Help theres a troll in my pantry with music no less.

Look wistfully into the distance with his blood ahot eyes, Gorechild twitches and moans softly for blood.

Don\'t any of you think I have gone soft now jsut because I can remember when GW iddn\'t rule the earth....

Still Necro is a good game, always fancied the judges myself!


10-03-2008, 01:49 AM
I remember reading somewhere that it was called confrontation I think which is kinda wierd when there\'s another confrontation out at the mo...:S

It\'s true about necromunda and all of the specialist games - stuff like the bounty hunters, pit slaves, etc can only be got on ebay now it seems now that GW have effectively binned half of their components dept. and the bitz catalogue proves that.

A question i\'ve got is did GW actually release a HiveNet gang because i\'ve seen models on ebay but there are no downloads for their rules on the Specialist Games site and they did win the necromunda campaign in wd not that long ago. Strange...:dry:

10-03-2008, 02:59 PM
Ah necromunda.

What an absolute gem of a game. I was talking to the other emmbers of the WGA (see the clubs link at the top of the page) about this and we may well start this up ourselves.

I remember having an Orlock ganger called Fox. Every time he advanced I always managed to get some kind of close combat improvement- I think by the end he had WS 6, S5, I5, A3 and W2. I remember saving up enough creds to buy him a powerfist and a power sword. Combined with all the lovely skills he had like sprint he was deadly.

Then some one autocannoned him in the face and I think he was killed or crippled out of my gang...

So I started a Spyrer game and returned with vengeance on my mind, and by the lords of terra I got it...



20-03-2008, 11:21 PM
Things are looking up folks, I met with the other club members last night and I know I\'ve got at least two other people interested with the possibility of another two still undecided as of yet. Currently the campaign will have:
My Goliaths,
A Redemptionists gang from converted Witch Hunters, :whistle:
A gang of either Delaques or Van Saars
Plus maybe the other two guys taking part as well (need some persuasion!)

So things are on course for a good campaign. As for my gang, I\'m halfway through working out points costs (printed out the 120 page rulebook last night! ;) ) and I\'ve nearly finished painting them too. Hopefully I\'d like to be able to post some updates of how the campaign unfolds here so keep an eye out for them! :)