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The Cassmasta
31-01-2008, 02:12 AM
Prince with Radiant Gem, White Sword, and Gem of Dusk; Long Bow, Dragon Armour- 269

Archmage- Level 4- Gem of Courage, Annulian Crystal, Sacred Incense, Dispell Scroll- 360

Noble On Chariot- Reaver Bow, Talisman of Protection, Lance, Shield, Dragon Armor- 232


24 Sea Guards, full command, banner of arcane protection, shields- 362


10 White Lions- full command, lion standard- 205

10 Sword Masters- full command, banner of sorcery- 230

Lion Chariot- 140


2 Repeater Bolt Throwers

1998 Total Points

Power Dice- 6 + D3 from Banner of Sorcery

Dispel Dice- 3 + 1 from Annulian Crystal, 1 Dispel Scroll

I plan to Deploy the Sea Guard in 2 Rankf of 12 with the PRince and Archmage in the unit, giving the unit the sacred incense bonus and giving the characters a MR of 2. When the Seaguards are in range of enemy charge, i will reform, the chacters will move to the white lions or swordmasters.
The Elite Units will hide behind the long sea guard line until it redresses to 4 ranks of 6.
As for magic I am planning on playing conservatively and really aiming for the shield of saphery for the Sea Guard and other relevant units.
The Chariots will defend my rather vulnerable flanks, and possibly will slow down enemy troops and shoot with the noble on chariot.

Unfortauntely I have not played a game of Warhammer in years and have no diea if this ary is feasible. I have the models to make this army (and I own almost no calvary models) Originally I had a unit of spears and a unit of archers but the Sea Guard seem to make the centr more stable.

Any thoughts?

31-01-2008, 03:07 AM
Yep - you can't take a Prince AND a Archmage, that's two Lords. If I were you I'd aim for a Mage instead of the archmage, and then get extra troops with the spare points.

31-01-2008, 03:34 AM
And you forget that your core choices arent enough, you need to have at least 3 if this is a 2000 points list (I don't mean due to the fact that you are just below 2000 obviously, but the points limit is 2000 for your games).

The army needs a reshuffle in a big way as it's not at all game legal.

Try to flush out the cores and the essential Character before you add to the rest of the list within your theme.


31-01-2008, 08:44 AM
TO Indra: High Elves can have only 2 core choices in the new book and up to 6 special choices in 2k games. Subtract 1 from both and if it's less than 2k.

Anyways, this list is in need of revision. First, you need to have a main focus for your army. With 10 models in your units, you'll get destroyed by panic tests and wounds. I suggest 2 unit of 15 spearmen, a unit of 15 swordmasters, unit of 15 white lions, 2 bolt throwers, support cavalry, and maybe Shadow Warriors.