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21-01-2008, 12:34 AM
this list is ment to fight a high elf list with a dragon mage:woohoo: so this is it...

Scar-Veteran,light armor,blessed spawning of queetzl,blessed spawning of itzl,cold one,sword of the hornet,talisman of protection,enchanted shieild total 180pts (1+ save aginst shoting and -1+ aginst cc)

skink priest,lvl 2,dispel scroll,power stone total 150pts

Scar-Veteran,army standerd,light armor,sword of might,glyph necklace,blessed spawning of quetzl,blessed spawning of tepok total 172pts

14 Saurus Warriors,full comand,spears total 170pts

10 skinks 60pts

10 skinks 60pts

5 Saurus Cavalry,full comand,sun standard total 155pts

total 947pts
4 despel dice and one despel scroll
4 power dice and power stone
is it any good

21-01-2008, 02:49 AM
Instead of the Sun standard, I highly recommend the Totem of Huanchi. It prevents the enemy from fleeing from your charge, which would be devastating for your army.

Apart from that, I think you may very well succeed in beating down that Dragon Mage.

With your extra points, get more Saurus, or more Skinks. If you can't, then turn the Skinks into Scouts, you may get early shots on the Dragon that way.

22-03-2008, 08:50 PM
Wait one minute... how do they get a dragon mage into a 1k list? Or is this list part of a bigger one? Sorry about that. I think that if you went to scouts with the skinks you would have a much better chance at bagging the dragon. (say that 5 times fast.)

Your Conscience
22-03-2008, 10:03 PM
@ Wraithlord - due to it being a high elf list it means that they are able to only have one core unit choice and having a dragon magic is expensive but seen as though you only need one core choice it can be done due to the new high elf rules.
@ Thunder Storm - i wouldn\'t take the scar veteran with the army battle standered. I just think that it is way to many points. I would instead just mount him and give him the increase inisitive with a spear and then combine that with the same banner that Farksit said