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22-11-2007, 10:03 PM
My initial target is a 1K army for playing instore, with the usual opponents being dwaves and skaven, with the odd ork or empire army turning up.

No firm ideas yet, but a magic heavy army based around 2 sorc is the initial idea.

lvl 2 sorceress on ds with DS cloak and tomb of furion

lvl 1 sorceress on ds with seal of ghrond

2x 10 rXB with shields and muso

1x10 witch elves with hag and manbane

1x5 shades

1x5 harpies

1x repeater bolt thrower

The plan is for the RBT and 2 x 10 rBT to set up as a weeny gunline with the lvl 2 sorc attached.

The shades, witches and lvl 1 sorc will drift down one flank trying to get the witches into place for a charge

The harpies will march block and go for tedious but easy to kill artillery units.

Magic is basically chillwind for the lvl 1 unless she rolls doombolt versus the dwarves, and chillwind plus another two spells for the level 2. Generally cast the chillwind/doombolt with single dice and a bigger spell with 3 dice, on the assumption that the opponent will not be able to use more than 1 die per chillwind for fear of the heavier spell later.

The above is my initial painting target, I will add a chariot or 2, lord on a manticore, and a unit of executioners later.

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The Warsmith
23-11-2007, 04:24 AM
hmm its quite a nifty list, but it think with witch elves in one spot, your gunline will be under threat from any cavalry attacks and harder units will be able to stand up to your witch elves. Maybe invest in dark riders instead of shades, they are great on flanks.

for the glory of the Druchii!

23-11-2007, 01:02 PM
The witches are a conversion from bloodbowl amazons which is why they are in the army, shades or dark riders just depends on which I paint first.

A third of the points are in the magic girls for a reason. They will be pounding on anything coming up the center, and the lvl 2 will have a spell like black horror or soul stealer which should thin out a unit without too much trouble. With 5 power dice and 5 dispel they should come out ahead in any magic battle.

The RXBs with shields will be at 4+ on a hill most games and will get 20x S-3 shots at 4 to-hit from a stand and shoot if they are - which should make for a fairly sad ork or skaven unit. They are actually the best defensive unit in the DE list

Overall, the army is all about looking good, not combat effectiveness, and hitting from multiple directions to compensate for its low CR

24-11-2007, 06:40 AM
revised list as I've just recieved the blood bowl amazons and they aren't usable for conversion, too big, too flat, very poor metal and detail.

New list based on standard figs for the most part.


lvl 2 sorceress, dark steed and lifetaker

lvl 2 sorceress, dark steed and seal of Gorond


10x warriors with crossbows and shield, muso and standard.

10x warriors with crossbows and shield, muso and standard.

5x dark riders with muso


10x executioners with muso and standard

5x harpies


1x repeating bolt thrower

Totals for army

43 models for army

6 power dice and 5 dispel dice.

Just under 1000 points

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