View Full Version : 1000pt dwarf

30-10-2007, 08:22 PM
hey guys havent been playing for a number of years used to be a skaven metagaming gun army, so now coming back i thought id go for abit of a change, so im trying to make a themed good guy army for some rp fun, problem is im really outta touch so before i send out my order how does this look for 1000 pts


16 quarrelers standard bearer shields 202
16 quarrelers standard bearer shields 202


grudgethrower rune of accuracy <reroll artillery dice> 105

15 ironbreakers 225

10 slayers 110


thane rune of swiftness<attack first> rune of cleaving <+1str> rune of fury<+1 atk> rune of stone +1 defence 142