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27-07-2007, 07:39 AM
Gah second time doing this as i got logged out when i tried posting losing my list -_-;;

Here is my 2.5k list and i would like some critique as to which is a good set up and which is a useful unit to get next! so here it is.

Grey Seer riding Screaming Bell w/hw + 4 warpstone tokens
Equipment:Eye of the Horned Rat, Warpstone Amulet, x2 dispell Scrolls

Unit Pushing the Bell
Clan Rats x25 w/hw + sh + la
weapon team: Ratling gun

Assassin w/x2 hw + Throwing Stars + Smoke Bombs
Equipment: Bands of power, Languisher Sword

Plague Priest w/ Censer Bearer
Equipment: Liber Bubonics, Warpstone token

Warplock Engineer w/ warplock pistol, warp Blades, upgraded warp-energy condenser, supercharged warp-power accumulator
Equipment: Storm Daemon, Death Globes

Core Units
Clan Rats x25 w/hw + sh + la
weapon team: Warpfire Thrower

Clan Rats x25 w/spear + sh + la
weapon team: Ratling gun

Clanrat Slaves x20 w/hw

Clanrat Slaves x20 w/hw

Night Runners x20 w/x2 hw

Special units
Plague Monks x20 w/2x hw
Plague Deacon
magical standard: Banner of burning hatred

Plague Monks x20 w/2x hw
Plague Deacon
magical standard: Banner of burning hatred

Poison Wind Globadiers x2 w/poison globes + hand weapon

Warplock Jezzail teams x3 w/Jezzail Rifles + Pavise

Rare Units
Warp-lightning Warp Cannon

total points:2494 pts
models in army:189

So this is my list that i play with at the 2.5k level and would like any kind of criticism as to help me with what to change and maybe what to get next to help. currently in excess that i have left model wise are:
1x chieftan/warlord model (usually carries my storm banner)
2x rat ogres and handlers
6x giant rats and one handler

27-07-2007, 07:54 AM
YOur list looks good, although I\'d alter a few things. First, I\'d drop the second Monk unit. Plus you\'re not allowed to tek the same magic item twice, so...

Also, Two Globadiers, or 3 Jezzails, are never going to hurt anybody. Take units of 6 Jezzails and Globadiers if you plan on using them.

With the points spared, I\'d take the Chieftain. An extra hero is always handy. Also, I\'d take 25 slaves rather than 20, but it\'d require you to buy a whole new box, so...

So, my advice: drope Jezzails, Globadiers and the second unit of Monks. Beef the other Monk unit to 25, you\'ll see, it works quite well, and take the Chieftain (but not necessarily as a Battle Standard Bearer).

Then, you can either expand your Jezzails and Globadiers, and bring in the Rat-Ogres (though 3 are better than 2), or try and scrap the points for 20 or 21 Stormvermin, if you fancy it. The work well against Cavalry or resilient infantry, especially when lead by a Chieftain.

Overall, I like your list, and I\'d say it should work rather well.

27-07-2007, 08:15 AM
isn\'t the maximum total character though for 2000+pts games 4? thanks for the critique yah i\'ll look into dwindling my monks it does seem unwieldly at time when they charge towards the enemy only to fail or when they have to move towards the nearest unit messing up my tactics. i\'ll see in getting either more globadiers or jezzails :3 i love jezzails though mine never work >.<;; and stormvermin for me is something i want but can\'t reach! at for 10 stormvermin = 45$ is expensive for me :/

31-07-2007, 11:38 PM
Grey Seer:
Drop the warpstone ammy - if you roll a one after the game, you are throwing away 600+ VP\'s which could turn a win into a loss... Take a safer ward like the tenebrous cloak

Bell unit:
Fine, though i would like more in there :)

Drop the languisher sword. He has a very high I, so will strike frist a lot of the time anyway. He also strikes first on the turn you unhide him. It is a waste of points as his poisoned weapons are more then good enough.

Plague Priest:
Never been able to use the liber due to range restrictions and never been able to cast it. I would drop either this guy or the assassin for a battle standard, which really helps with break tests

Fine - though the pistol is a waste of points

Drop the champs and use the points to add more clanrats. The extra A wont help much, as skaven generally win by combat resolution, not kills alone (excluding plague monks/rat ogres)

Try to add 1 more model to each unit, which means the enemy has to kill 1 more to cause a panic test

Night runners:
Split this unit down! 20 is overkill
make them 1 unit of 5 naked runners to act as screens. Then make 2 units - one of 7 one 8 with extra weapons as flanking units

Plague monks:
I love these, but as has been said drop a magic banner

Cool, units of 2 are very usefull for baiting and drawing out your deployment phase. With 2 units of 2, plus slaves and night runners, your opponant has probably finished deploying before you have even put down any important units

All or nothing here - take 10 or none at all ( or 2x 5)


Overall this list shows potential, but it could do with more models - my 2k list outnumbers this. Some tunnelers may also help the army. I do like your choice of weapon teams, but they are not essential and removing them would free up points for more models

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