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The Banished Ranger
15-06-2007, 03:23 AM
This list is purely for the enjoyment of the game. Everything except the dryads shoot something. Scouts and WW march block. Dryads provide much needed Close Combat. And the WR and GR hunt for mages. What do you think?

Sylvain Lathaury. Sylvain is an expert woodsman in a race of expert woodsmen. From a young age, Sylvain was able to move through the woods silently and hide in plain sight if even a single branch or a few tall reeds were nearby. In battle, he uses stealthy, guerrilla tactics and normally fights in a unit of Scouts.

Wood Elf Noble (75)
Additional hand weapon (4)
Scout Kindred (15)
Briarsheath (15)
Moonstone of the Hidden Ways (35)
Cost: 144

Special Ability in Nemesis Crown Mega Battles: If Sylvain is included in a Wood Elf army in a Nemesis Crown Mega-Battle, up to two units of Glade Guard may be upgraded to Scouts at no point cost.


Wood Elf Spellsinger (90)
Calaingorís Stave (25)
Level 2 Upgrade (350
Cost: 150

Power Dice: 2
Dispel Dice: 2

10 Glade Guard.
Cost: 120

6 Scouts.
Cost: 102

5 Glade Riders.
Cost: 120

10 Dryads
Cost: 120

3 Warhawk Riders
Cost: 120

5 Waywatchers.
Cost: 120

Total: 996 Points.

24-06-2007, 09:55 PM
Looks pretty good to me, although i think it could use some more spirit type guys, unless your fluff prevents it. I played against a Tree Man in a mega battle once, and it ripped through everything despite our best efforts to kill it.

24-06-2007, 10:08 PM
am likeing

one thing i will say is in mega battles (3-4+ a side) your scouts and skirmishers will lost there effectivness

24-06-2007, 10:08 PM
sorry mods double post

can you dealet it?

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