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14-06-2007, 12:28 PM
Chaos Tzeentch Army


Aspiring Champion - 80
Mark of Tzeentch 70
Flail 2
(Riding in chariot)


X12 - 168
Mark of Tzeentch 20
X12 Shields 12
Champion 12
Standard 12

X5 - 165
Mark of Tzeentch 20
Champion 20
Standard 20
Musician 10

Chariot - 120
Mark of Tzeentch 20

TOTAL: 751

Future upgrades: Screamers, Chosen (esp. knights), better hero, more warriors

Strategy: Run foreward, using cover. Get into close combat. Win. Kapeesh? The champion in the chariot can become quite (see: more) effective with the right spells, and the flail is for that extra hitting power.

Comments, crit?

14-06-2007, 06:01 PM
Looks ok for a 750 points list. Only problem is, you\'re going to have a real hard time against High Elves, Dark Elves, Wood Elves, and Skaven, at least.

Because the three first can shoot the hell out of you before you reach their lines, and the third can simply swarm you. I have almost hundred models in my 750 points list. Plus Ratling guns and a Warp-Lightning Cannon.

For 70 pts, I assume the mark of Tzeentch makes you a lvl 2 wizard. What I\'d do is get rid of the chariot, and take Screamers now.

You lose hitting power, but you add hero survivability (he\'s your general after all, gotta shield him) and speed, enough to take down any pesky archer unit, or at least prevent shooting and magic until you are in charge range.

14-06-2007, 07:56 PM
Aye, id say your right, the shooty armies arnt very pleasant for Chaos.

When I get some screamers ill drop the chariot, and use them instead, for a 750 list at least. And then for a 1000 point list ill use the chariot AND the screamers. And some chosen.

Also, because my hero is a level 2 caster, it can depend a lot on what spells I roll... Tzeentch magic is quite nice, ive got a re-roll spell, a +5 ward save, and some nice magic missiles.

So if I get a protection spell it can really add to his survivability.

So in the meantime ill just hope I dont come up against any Elves or Skaven!