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18-04-2006, 03:22 AM
ok im starting a necromunda campaign and here i have my gang list (cawdor) and my girlfriends gang list (escher) which are mostly derived on what models we managed to get off ebay!

(please remember all gangers have a knife for free)

Cawdor gang

Leader with cahinsword, stub gun + dum dum bullets, hanf flamer and krak grenades (for that extra kick)

Heavy with heavy stubber

Heavy with shotgun + manstopper shells

3 x ganger with lasguns

3 x ganger with autoguns

juve with stub gun + dum dum bullets

juve with autopistol

Lots of people in this gang, with house weapon rules i cant take close combat weapons for cawdor! so they are all armed with short ranged rifles, ill be playing a counter attack strategy, with superoir numbers anyone who gets through will meet my leaders chainsword, hand flamer or krak grenades.

Escher Gang

Leader with chainsword and plasma pistol

Heavy with heavy stubber

Heavy with heavy plasma gun

ganger with lasgun

3x ganger with auto pistol and sword

this gang is made for close up fighting, supporte with long range firepower. The heavys will close of routes and force enemies to close with the sword armed gangers and the leader. The ganger with lasgun will act as cover for the heavies. Then again my girlfriend will be using them and they will be painted vaious shaed of pink and purple, so who knows what will happen.

18-04-2006, 05:08 AM
torn wrote:

...with house weapon rules i cant take close combat weapons for cawdor!...

What rules are these? house as in House Cawdor or house as in your own campaign rules?

18-04-2006, 05:11 AM
with the newest update necromunda houses (eg cawdor) can only select from certain weapons in the lists.