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16-01-2007, 06:33 PM
Well seen as YC posted his list, i thought that i would post mine too!

The background behind my team is that they are a pub team, going for gold and glory playing BB. The team is:

Half-Pint Heroes
13 Halflings 390k
2 Treemen 240k
Halfling Master Chef 100k
3 Re-Rolls 180k
2 Cheerleaders 20k
Apothecary(/Tree surgeon) 50k
2 Fan Factor 20k

If anyone has any experience playing halflings/stories of how they died, please post.


Aun O Vader
16-01-2007, 06:53 PM
Lets put this into perspective, it\'s a halfling team, I hope you don\'t mind losing, a lot!

But with two treemen you\'re going to have a pretty nasty front line! The masterchef is a nice touch.

with only a fan factor of two you\'re going to struggle, and I\'d be tempted to drop the cheerleaders to get an extra couple of points.

16-01-2007, 06:57 PM
Nope, i dont care if i never win a game as i have already won quite a few with my skaven. Having fun is all that matters really.

I really want to keep the cheerleaders as i am using the classic halfling drummer/standard bearer models to represent them.
The masterchef is going to be represented by a dwarf cook, who will also double up as team coach.

15-02-2007, 09:15 PM

Now you must be a Took, for you sure are a halfling after me own heart.

My own BB Halflings, The Dog & Duck B\' Team, have a stat line that reads as follows:

Games Won: 3.
Games Lost: 134.
Games Drawn: 12.
Games abandoned due to the inability of the players to retain control of their bowels or going total roflmao: 36.

They too use the classic double-trouble treeman combination and are slowly perfecting the throw team-mate tactic. Unfortunately my senior treeman, Sawn-off, is a bit over-enthusiatic frequently resulting in what the D&D\'s fans call a \'splutch!\'*

Sawn-off is somewhat aggressive having gone to sleep one autumn and woke up the following spring in pieces all over the village. The Model shows him as an irate door with various wooden furnishings nailed on to represent arms and legs.

My only advice as a Halfling Coach is take lots of halflings, an apothecary and do your best to embarrass the hell out of the enemy\'s star player. people expect you to lose and are more likely to remember that you made a tree sandwich out of the opponent\'s Star Blocker - another \'splutch!\'.


* \'Splutch!\' is a term from the old Ork Codex that made me propel a mouthful of weetabix clear across my kitchen when I first read it. Apparently it is the sound a gretchin makes when used to assist his mega-armoured WarBoss across soft ground.