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30-12-2006, 07:56 PM
I\'ve been considering an army for fantasy for a while. I\'m thinking of following chaos after the line \"the old world will burn in the fires of industry.\"

Since building 300 khorne warriors in 40k has proved to be absolutly mind numbly impossible i\'ve shifted to fantasy, where i can get 300 for a descent wage.

My plan is a mechanicial army rather than khorne driven, one made of steal and clockwork, one built in the fires of a forge. I\'m sick of \"fleshy\" mutations. If chaos veiws men as week, what is stronger than flesh? Steel!

Now i\'ve got a sorcerer for a starting point, and some vauge idea\'s for warriors.

For my block troops i\'m going to have mauraders (no conversions descision yet, though i\'d welcome advice). I\'m thinking of a Urak direction, those clad in metal and leather, stripped of any real humanity.

For my chaos warrior\'s i am thinking of a cross between chaos warriors, with elements of necron warrior (the steel over flesh idea). Now what dya think of these?

Also, any advice for good long range unit? the army book sucks for long range stuff, and i hate none-artillary armies, being a 40k artill master.

Advice welcome,


Viscount Vash
30-12-2006, 08:08 PM
Have you seen the Warmachine Figures thats all steam driven stuff, the necrons seem a bit skinny.
As for the ranged stuff good luck with that, I have not played fantasy for years but you could not get ranged bits. Then the best you could do was cram a flying beastie in the list.

Captain Castus
30-12-2006, 08:15 PM
Fantasy chaos are crap when it comes to ranged units... The only war machine they have is the Hellcanon... And that takes up 2 rare slots! They don\'t have any missle troops!

The only way to deal with opponents warmachines/missle troops quick is to use fast flanking units (e.g. hounds or furies)...

I suppose you could use sorcerors for ranged death dealing, but if you\'re doing Khorne... :S

Basically, Fantasy Chaos armies are about getting up close and personal ASAP... And if you don\'t like that tactic you\'re better of picking another army I\'m afraid!

30-12-2006, 08:44 PM
necrons might work for converting the matauders but chaos warriors are quite bulky how about 40k bionics?

experiment 626
30-12-2006, 08:59 PM
for a shooty chaos army with lots of artillery toys, i\'d look at either building a \'counts as\' chaos dawrf army, or else using the empire rules and again building it as a \'counts as\' force...

both forces still give you excellent wizards! (though no marks or god-specific magic...)
if you go empire, then giving a wizard lord van horstman\'s speculum is a must!