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19-11-2006, 07:15 PM
Ok so i had some time last night and my friend came over to learn how to paint, hes never fully painted a model with blending, and has painted less than 10 models(that i know of) in his life, he only started within the past 1-2yrs with warhammer as well

NOTE he is not greatly artistic/talented in the art department(he isnt bad either) but with simple knowledge/assistance and effort spent...this is the result(not finished yet, more will be done today)





im posting this simply to try to motivate people who think they could never paint well... its not difficult once you know how, you just need to spend the time to learn how :)

the red took about 20minutes to do as it was a bit more involving and learning slowed it...the brown took about 5-10 minutes (he does paint slow still however)


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19-11-2006, 07:23 PM
That looks pretty sweet! Also congrats to your friend on the model, thats one well painted mini.

Chaplain Orthox
19-11-2006, 07:27 PM
wish I could paint like that... I have only been painting for about a year and all of my models end up looking streaky with black blotches showing through, plus when I try to make chapter insignia, it ends up looking really bad....

19-11-2006, 07:35 PM
streaky is a result of: paint not covering well, thick paint, or bad brushes

to help paint cover better, work from a white primer, or if you dont want to, before you paint bright colours, put down a layer and work up to the colour(scorched brown for reds is nice) you can put a layer of pink down for reds as well...maybe a layer of white for other colours etc etc, dont just apply bright colours over balck, it wont look nice

thick paint, water down with water, the paint should move but not be transparent...work on either a plastic lid(palette) where you mix/thin, or grab/make a wet palette

bad brushes--> GW brushes are awful, by far the worst brushes ive ever used, and ive used brushes that are half the price, came in a package, and i treated them poorly...you cant afford bristles to spread or frill at the end of the brush, frilling will leave streaks, and splitting will make it harder to do straight lines

what chapter insignia do you do? and how do you do it?


Knight of ne
20-11-2006, 07:45 AM
if i could paint quite like that i would be so proud, congrats to your friend and its a real morale boost.

20-11-2006, 09:32 AM
I recently inproved my painting. Someone posted a report detailing how to paint in a series of washes, ie going from darker to lighter (cant remember what its called but its on here and its well worth taking a look at, the articke that is). So i tried it on my devestator squad that i hadnt yet painted. They look 10 times better than my previous models and took half the time. Before i would just paint the one main colour on thickly trying to keep all the lines and avoid the detail. Now i just slap on 4 consecutive washes and then touch up detail afterwards, what a difference. No doubt you could use more and more washes to give greater depth but for my first go 4 washes and a highlight did the jb quite well. i even managed to make yellow look half decent doing it. Main colour was a goblin-ish green and shoulder pads were yellow.

So give it a try...

20-11-2006, 09:55 AM
Indeed inspiring stuff, now all I need is some free time:(

20-11-2006, 04:45 PM
just an explanation on how it was done so far(he did more last night but he took the pics home, i suppose i still have the camera but the batteries are low :P)


did a mix of scab red+elf flesh+desert yellow for the base colour, it was a tad pinky but more so brighter red...after this we thinned down a tad bit darker liche purple(i have it premixed, its not much darker but a tad) and applied it to the shadows in 2-3 layers...after that we thinned down red ink and washed over in several layers to try and blend the purple/red, and glaze the purple to a more dark red(there are some spots the purple wasnt glazed enough and still looks purple)

after that highlighted spots with blood red+desert yellow, but to highlight it was done as a type of dry brush, it wasnt full out drybrush where it leaves a weird texture but instead not wet paint, this way you can kind of blend the colour in as it fades towards the edges as you pull away because there isnt much paint on the brush

the brown is scorched brown, scorched brown+chaos black for shadows, and scorched+bestial for highlight

if you leave unsmooth transitions use one of the colours(probably your main colou rin this case->scorched) and thin it big time so its transparent and kinda feather the joint lines of the shades

the hardest part is staying consistent...he tried out the skin last night and did pretty good but wasnt highlighting enough/staying consistent, so i explained a few things and he made the changes and it looks much better

so->important factors:

-contrast, you need darks(that arent always black) and you need brights as well as a medium colour

-consistency, this will determine the overall effect and how well it was delivered, it can add or steal away from how good certain colours look

-clean up your messes- do NOT leave errors, and do not accept layers that dont cover fully

-thin paint, this allows you to do many layers without getting a thick look

-primer/base coat, should prime everything,then base coat with colour...the base coat MUST cover well otherwise your thin layering overtop will let everything show through and it will look awful

***the rear/bum of the squig was not base coated good enough and because of this the colours look blotchy...also because it wasnt spray primed(which was my choice as we didnt have time to wait for spray primer to dry) the ink found all the little bumps the primer would fill, and now theres a bunch of blotchyness on him