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26-04-2011, 09:59 AM
Greetings all! I have been a long time wargamer, and way back in the day the first wargame that I got into was the original Space Hulk. I have played numerous other games throughout the years, but not matter what I always swing back around to my old fave. Obviously, I was ecstatic when 3rd edition was released a while back. The board was gorgeous, the minis were amazing, and above all, it was Space Hulk!

In my opinion, however, where GW had the opportunity to expand upon the great game they had back with first edition (I won't even get into second ed, that's like me talking about the second "Highlander" movie lol) they instead pretty much just repackaged the basic game with a few extras, and a few counter-intuitive tweaks, i.e. Guard.

Space Hulk being the rad piece of work that it is, a number of other games have come out over the years with similar rules sets. In my mind, none of them have truly risen past their predecessor, though many of them have had new and interesting tweaks to the core ideas. One advantage that new games have over 1st ed SH is that they can be built from the ground up with more variety than basic SH had to start with. If you look back over the progression of 1st ed SH expansions, while they managed to add a lot to the game and keep it extremely balanced (until the last version of the psychic rules, that is) some of the additions looked awkward. For example, if you were using extended ranged weapon rules, you had to look on a chart to see what roll you needed to destroy a target. This chart took up a whole page.

Not too long ago, I started up a blog to follow my wargaming projects. The first of these is what I have coined Space Hulk: XT. This is a complete overhaul of Space Hulk, taking the best elements of each version and expansion, streamlining them and throwing in a few twists, while still keeping the balance and flavor of the original. This includes things like extended force lists for those who want to play with Eldar, Orks, power armour Marines etc., a full revamping of the old psychic rules, and an Action Card deck similar to those seen in games like Incursion and Claustrophobia.

At the moment, I have up several playtest battle reports on my blog, printer-friendly version of the completed action card decks, as well as counters to go with them and a few other extra tidbits here and there (like an old paper 40K aegis defense line I did). More content is being posted (semi)regularly, and even more so now that I'm through the worst part of my finals and such.

So for those of you who are interested, here 'tis! Wargaming 101.

tl;dr version: Space Hulk rocks, so does my website about Space Hulk, go read and post stuff! :laugh:


02-05-2011, 09:49 PM
Well first off, welcome to the forums. I recommend you head up to the Introduce Yourself board and say hi. Secondly, just a friendly bit of advice- we tend to be a little wary of people just dropping in to advertise themselves, their ideas or their websites or whatnot. I hope, however, that you'll be sticking around and posting with us in the future?

In any case: Space Hulk was never really my think in that I found it to be fairly limiting in scope and imagination. That said, your project sounds like an interesting one. There was a post the other day by someone looking to introduce a new element (GKs) into the current space hulk game. There was talk about introducing Daemons and a set of new special rules. You might find it rewarding to have a chat with him and/or take a look at that thread as it develops.

Again: welcome to the forums!

04-10-2011, 09:56 AM
Hey mcvo, I don't come here often either ;)
I got 1st edition space hulk the day it came out, all those years ago, and absolutely loved it ! then all the expansions (deathwing added some cool stuff, genestealer made a horrible mess of things) I have just about all the WD supplements for space hulk too.
I also disregard 2nd edition space hulk as if it never happened, just like the 2nd and 3rd matrix movies.

But the latest space hulk?
What's wrong with it? I find it great as it is. Mainly because it recaptures what space hulk was right at the start; it's a board game in a specific setting.
I'm not sure it is supposed to cover the whole 40derp universe. It's just supposed to stick with terminators and genestealers in dark gloomy corridors.

Now, I will admit that denzark's hammer was fun, it made a change, but it's quite obvious that the system isn't made for anything except terminators and stealers.
I mean 6+ on a single die to kill a stealer, would they even bother? marines roll a single die in melee -1, Meltabombs, meltabombs everywhere ? Those rules are just shoe-horning normal marines into space hulk, which is bad enough, but it gets worse when they tried to squeeze orks and eldar et al in there too.
Would tau be at -5 in melee?

Same goes for the psychic powers, I think they got it right in this last edition, a couple of useful powers, nothing more.
So, why fix something that isn't broken?