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akiel"the conqueror"smith
09-09-2010, 08:59 PM
Hey yah guys. For the few people taht actually got a rogue trader game going (or hell ill accept you dark heresy types also;)) im just curuious about your charachter sheets and what your charachters look like and if maybe...just maybe...we can get an online game of rogue trader going.1...2...3 not it for gm.:grin:

well, heres my character for all of you to scrutinize.

Name:Mathias Garviel

Homeword: Void Born

Lure of the void: Stub jack

Trials and Travails: Hand of war

Motivation: renown

Class: Missionary(Yay for healers)









with a total of 10 insanity points, 4 fate points(Two used two left), and so far no corruption.
Now on to the stats sheet.:D

Aside from all the basic skills you automatically get. This is what my charachter looks like with the current experience pool of 8100 with 500 pts in reserve.

Skills(Trained):Awareness, Dodge(+10),Intimidate,Low Gothic(+10), high gothic, forbidden lore heresy,common lore imperium, common lore imperial creed,literacy, medicae(+10), Schoolastic lore imperial creed, secret tongue rogue trader, secret tongue ecclesiarchy

Weird untrained basic skills:Other then the standard ones you get, the only weird ones i have are Navigation(Stellar), and Pilot(space craft)

My Talents:Speak language(Ship dialect),Quick Draw, Hatred(Orks), Peer(inquisition), Basic weapon training(uni.), Melee weapon training(uni.), Pure faith, unshakable faith, pistol weapon training(univ.), cleanse and purify, armor of contempt, and falme weapon training(uni.),sound constitution.

Armor: Guard flak armor.(Best craft)

Weapons: Lasgun(best craft)

Chainsword(good craft)

Frag grenades.(Dont have appropriate weapon training so i just usually pass them off to our arch militant to throw)

Pump-shotgun(Best craft)

Hand-flamer(Best craft).

Items: I never bothered picking up any items yet, so merely look into the rogue trader rule book and look up missionary gear and you pretty much see all that i got. otherwise, everything is unremarkable except my robes, micro bead, and aguila pendent.

So i really look forward to hearing about your created charachers so maybe just maybe(emperor willing) we can get a game going....once again...i volunteer not to be the GM on the account i seem to lack an imagination taht comes so easily to others.:silly: