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29-06-2010, 08:48 PM
Well, I've been gone for quite a while and in that time many things have changed. For one, I've started an apprenticeship under Business Administration. That's primarily the reason why I had to leave; my time became much more important and I had to carefully prioritise my hobbies. Consequently, I had to abandon many forums, and I've only returned to one so far: this one!

Since beginning my apprenticeship I've been forced to abandon a large portion of my graphic's work that I had saved on Photobucket. However, I still have all the signatures I created for people saved on my laptop so if you would like them back they can be provided! (CheeriO, Gingusdan, Musashi and Suicidal0.

These are all created in the style I used to use. Of course, I can still create signatures like this, but I have learnt more since designing these, and can create a much wider variety of graphics.


As aforementioned, here is a different style I've been practising. These sigantures can also be used in the same way as normal ones, they just have different effects and aesthetics.


If you would like a signature, or any kind of art from me then post here and I'll get in touch with you.

I need as much information from you as possible to complete the piece to your specifications. Here is what I recommend:
Text: Any text you would like. Most common are usernames and quotes from famous people, movies etc.
Colours: Warm - Red, Orange, Yellow. Cold - Purple, Blue. Bright, dull, sepia? Whatever you want.
Background: Simple or complicated? Do you even want a background?

Of course, if you give even more information that would be brilliant. Please keep in mind that if you ask for something that's rather difficult it could take quite a while to complete, and if you ask for something ridiculously complicated you will have to wait a very, very long time as progress will be slow. On the other hand, you could simplify it however you wish. Signatures generally take from three days up to a week, as I work full time.

Kind Regards,

29-06-2010, 09:05 PM
Ooo, ooo, pick me! Feel free to rummage through my WIPs for pictures.

Wow me.

29-06-2010, 09:15 PM
Ooo, ooo, pick me! Feel free to rummage through my WIPs for pictures.

Wow me.

Contacted. :)