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The Dim Reaper
14-09-2006, 04:47 AM
Alright, my mind is made up! i\'m going to build a mini of my disgraced Rogue Trader Karl Geiss AS SOON as I have the money.

I have some of this worked out but I\'m always open to suggestion on the model.

Basically a quick description of the character is that he\'s got blonde hair, possible beard, red trench coat, 2 duelling pistols, a two handed bastard sword, a tau pulse carbine (he\'s armed ot the teeth, I know) and an improved mono sight which is also of tau origin.

I did a bit of zooming around the internet for inspiration and found this picture of a manga character that really suits the bill:


i don\'t know what cartoon/ manga he\'s from but he seems cool enough (though a little young for what I\'m going for).

I then came across this miniature that resembles what i want almost perfectly.


This model is actually so close to what I want that I could make Geiss with simple weapon swap to get the basics. I\'ll also mould an eye piece for his right eye out of green stuff.

So its a case of taking the two pisotls from a WHFB Empire Pistolier or two. The carbine from a tau pathfinder and find a nice greatsword for myself.

I may also have him smoking as well to emphisise his love of a good iho.;)

Think it\'ll work out?,



Aun O Vader
15-09-2006, 12:47 AM
looks cool, I\'ve found the perfect model to create Henrietta, so I think I\'ll make her at some point, although I know that Xander is planning on creating her to go into his Inquistor\'s retunue, but I\'ll be just focussing on her.

Go for it, and remember to keep us updated!