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08-09-2006, 09:19 AM
Okay, so A couple of you know i\'m starting a Chaos Undivided army soon enough ($$$ issues, read about it later). Anyway, I\'ll start withthe painting. They will have white armour, (may need some help on that) blue eyes, blue weapons, and not look particularly chaosy at all, (except maybe the troop choices), Oh! and Daemonic Flight is represented as big featery wings on the HQ\'s and plasticard Wings on the Raptors.

BTW they are called the \'Lost Angels of Light\'

Piece 1!

Chaos Lord

Pieces Required:
-St Celestine\'s Feathery wings
-Dark Angels Torso
-Twin Lightning Claws
-Flying Legs
-Some form of head, I\'m not too sure on this one though. maybe an Emperor\'s Champion head or something.

Cost: at least $100AUD I would think.

WIP pics, when I get him and some of the tools for making him.


09-09-2006, 01:22 AM
Celestine doesnt come with wings

as for the head look towards iron warriors or fantasy chaos heads

lightning claws i suggest the old style wolverine ones(not the new brass knuckle type)

as to painting white nicely, you should learn how light hits an object and surfaces because white(personally) looks awful if not done with light effected shading, i like greys to whites some people like the blueish hue i dont care for it really as it looks more blue than white

i suggest keeping all the wings the same and avoiding that \"metal plates\" type of wing pack(the one that is essentially metal feathers) unless they are of course a mechanically themed army

wings you could use:

carrion(fantasy) wings
pegasus(fantasy) wings


Aun O Vader
10-09-2006, 06:17 PM
I know what you mean starks, I think that the pegasus wings are probably the best bet as they\'re not stooping or anything like that, otherwise I\'d have advised warhawks. These could be used to create a character who is actually flying, and you could pose him as though he is stooping to attack, but the pegasus wings
are probably the best bet.

in terms of lighting claws if they are a new chapter i would think something like these would be best.

For a head I really don\'t know what to advise. It really depends what you want to achieve.

12-09-2006, 10:11 AM
Celestine doesnt come with wings

WHA!!!!! :angry: DAMMIT!!!! *ponders what wings to use* Umm I totally need help then. I had him in mind just kinda standing there, with his wings kinda half-folded up, or like he\'d just landed sorta thing. This is embarrassing, but check out the Dunames Dark Witch Yu-Gi-Oh card for the sorta wings i\'m looking for.

in terms of lighting claws if they are a new chapter i would think something like these would be best.

1) The pictures don\'t work.
2) I was thinking something like that crazy woman from XMen 2 with the finger stabby things. The joys of plasicard. :unsure:

For the white I was going to do the grey to white look, I\'m gonna have to work on it as at the moment the closest to white I\'ve used was mixing a highlight for my bopne armoured Sisters of Battle.


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