View Full Version : War of the ring army, 1000pts, USING TONIGHT NEED HELP!

04-01-2010, 05:48 PM
I was going to play a veteran tonight at War of the ring, and then realised my stuff hadn't arrived! Anyways, I was wondering what people would think of this (Harad) army.

Epic Heroes
Amdur Lord of Blades 165 165

4 Companies Haradrim Warriors, Chieftain, Hasharin, Banner of Barad Dur 285 450
4 Companies Haradrim Warriors, Bows 120 570
3 Companies Haradrim Raiders, Bows 90 660
3 Companies Haradrim Raiders, Bows 90 750
1 company Half-Trolls, 2-handed weapons 100 850
Cave Drake 160 1010

If he gets grumpy ill just get rid of some bows.
Would like feedback quickly thx!