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06-12-2009, 12:32 AM
OKay, This thread is for all IG players that would like to have an obscure regiment that no one has ever heard about but can't figure how to convert it.

The regiments being taken are from here

I have been able to make a tutorial for one regiment I would like to make, though has no fluff, the Narmenian third, here

Now as you can see, other Narmenian regiments are armoured ones, so I thought I would make the Third an Infantry/ Grenadier army.

Now, fluff is still being developed, but I do have the fact that the Narmenians have learned infantry warfare due to an Orbital strike destroying all their armour. Being used to the Air Conditioning of Tanks, they aren't used to any environ other than Temperate areas

So without further ado, Winter Narmenians

You will need:
Catachan squads
cadian arms
cadian helms (optional)
Warriors of Chaos fur capes
Putty shaper
sanding paper/ nail file

1.glue together the Catachan Legs, torso, and head.
2. begin by taking the greenstuff, and cover up all the exposed areas on the Catachan's chest
3. Model a coat by taking four seperate squares of Greenstuff, each should be able to fit over half the chest and/or back of the catachan.
4. take the four squares and put them on the catachan. you should have lines where the clay meets on the shoulders, sides, front and back. only remove the line that shows up on the BACK!!
5. (optional) to make a hood, take a ball of Greenstuff and press it against where the back of the neck and the head, then take your putty shaper and press it into the top of the ball, bring it out a little, then make U shapes, this will be the Hood to the jacket (agian, its optional)
6. take a small amount of greenstuff and wrap it around the top of the boots, then press a fur pattern into it using your putty sculptor.
7.take the cadian arms and shave off the Shoulderpads.
8. put some fur lining (just like on the boots) onto the cuffs of the arms.

Now, if you would like a Tutorial done on your DIY/ Obscure regiment, then just reply putting down its name, what it looks like, and what you want done.

Cheers! alex

06-12-2009, 04:28 PM
Interesting initiative Alexos, there's bound to be a ton of people out there would could do with some inspiration for that one regiment they've always wanted to do but never got around to!

I'll toss some of my own work in as well, right out of the pages of Astromag Issue 4 here's the Regiments of the IG conversion article:
Link (http://www.astronomican.com/pdfs/Astro-Mag-Issue-4.pdf) - pages 29-36

Bit more meanstream regiments, but some of my own creations in there as well ;)

07-12-2009, 06:36 AM
I guess I am lucky in that the Imperial Guard armies that I am most drawn to are the Armageddon Steel Legion and th Death Korps of Krieg, both of which could use the DKoK minis put out by Forge World. Of course saying that is 'luck' is dubious at best I guess due the cost and how long it seems to get something shipped from FW. :p

Anyway another IG army that interests me are the Mordant Acid Dogs:


However my conversion skills are somewhat equivalent to a two year olds finger painting abilities - and I may be exagerating my skill even then :silly: Hmmm maybe if I used the Necromunda line of minis? Anyway in order of what I like:

1) Mordant Acid Dogs
2) Death Korps of Krieg
3) Armageddon Steel Legion
4) Mordian Iron Guard (oooooh! Bright colors!!!)
5) Cadians (kind of blah but good looking anyway)

My 500 point Cadian army was bought mostly for convenience more than anything else.

Hopefully I am not to far off from the intent of this thread :p Anyway I am looking forward to seeing how your conversions turn out, best of luck with them! :grin:

08-12-2009, 10:58 PM
Actually, this one is somewhat easy, I would suggest going to a bit site, buying Lasgun arms, then buying Empire Militia and using them.