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25-09-2009, 11:04 PM
Hey first draft of my HE army:


Mage (185)
Level 2
Silver wand
2 dispel scrolls

Mage (175)
Level 2
Staff of sorery

Mage (175)
Level 2
Ring of fury


15 Lothern seaguard (245)
Full command
Lion Banner


2 Lion Chariots (280)

17 White Lions of Chrace (335)
Full command
Foe Bane
Banner of arcane protection


2 Repeater bolt throwers (200)

Total = 1540

25-09-2009, 11:54 PM
I had a really cool post for you, but my computer failed on me! (AGAIN!)

So I'm gonna make this short, so forgive me if it seems a bit... well...

*clears throat* Please keep in mind I don't have the armybook here with me, so here we go:

Mage no1- just make sure he is within his magic item pts allowence- if he isn't drop a dispell scroll...

Mage no2: All HE's get +1 to their dispel rolls, so the Staff of Sorcery seems a bit redundant to me- rather give him the Cube-thingy that steals one of your opponent's power dice and adds it to your dispel pool- That's devastating!

I would drop 1 Lion chariot and the White Lions and instead play two units of moderate size Sword Masters! they are quite a force to be reconed with! And it aslo gives your opponent more targets!
Give one unit the banner that makes your opponent's squads lose Frenzy, Hatred etc. and the other the banner that makes them immune to Psychology.

The Seaguard is cool- I would just rather give them the banner that gives you +d3 power dice each turn to give your Mages more oomph!

2 RBT's are always hard to face, so keep them!

Now you should be able to get under the 1500pts mark!

Good luck and I hope this helps a bit! ;)

25-09-2009, 11:58 PM
thanks for the help mate i'll sort through it all tomorrow as i'm too tired to do anything :(

and if i reduced to 10 white lions and got rid of 1 chariot could i think i could do about 15 swordmasters and white lions, as i love the white lion models :D


26-09-2009, 12:20 AM
Well if you are going for cool models, then yeah, White Lions it is, but, and this is personal taste, I just think that the Sword Masters are so much more potent in the game...

But wait and hear what Marticus has to say... He'll be along shortly and he is a bigger authority than me on High Elves!

But my best advice is always- Playtest, playtest and playtest! Try out different units in different combinations until you find a formula that works for you! Take what we say only as suggestions and ideas of what to try out! ;)

I hope that helps!

So, good hunting to you, mate!

26-09-2009, 12:22 AM
Thanks for the advice mate, like i said ill redo the list tomorrow after the event at my local GW and ill post it up on here :)


26-09-2009, 12:26 AM
Good luck mate! Enjoy! ;)

26-09-2009, 09:07 AM
ahhh a high elve list :) nice to see ya doing them dude! :)

righty then my pennys worth......

2 bolt throwers.... good choice, dont leave home with out em ;)

the first mage with the dispel and wand for an extra spell... thats fine and dandy
the second one id drop the +1 to dispell since we get that anyway and go for the annulian crystal same points cost so a straight swap, we nick one of the enemys power dice to our dispel pool. very handy that is :)

the sea guard, great unit i love em, versitile and solid, though bear in mind if your using them in an offensive role you will only get 5 shots from the front rank. i like to put units of 10 as war machine guards, so if they running with the main force may be worth changing em to spearman.

white lions good units, but if you want more kill for ya buck go swordmasters! i love them guys dead killy, and well worth squeezing in if you can!

28-09-2009, 08:08 AM
OK, a little high elf force. heres my 2 crowns worth........


it seems your going magic defence over offence. first mage is nice leave as is. same as second ( i like the staff of sorcery on HEs. the +1 stacks so keep it in!) and third mage drop the ring in favour of annulian crystal. there that should stop even magic heavy armies.


Ranked up LSGs really? REALLY? the problem i have with these guys are they are expensive. they fill multiple roles yes, but they do them badly!

just plump for either a unit of spearmen or a unit of archers, no armour (with your list i would probally take archers. 10 w/ no amrour is 110pts.) in fact. you could take 2 units of archers fo the same price as your LSGs. and they will do ALOT more damage over all.

if you insist on taking LSGs then please unti of ten no command.


White lions! dear dear dear. i love white lions but please! drop foe bane. you lose your great weapon at strength 6, naughty boy! and you dont need the magic resistance banner as you have gone magic defensive on mages. replace the banner with lion standard (making them stubborn and immune to fear and terror) otherwise your lovely stubborn troops will just auto break in the face of undead.

i like the chariots. keep them in the list. but hold them back. use them as counter charge untits after the archers/bolts have weakened the enemy.

oh and if you want a unit of swormasters. pleased dont rank them up. just a unit of 7 with no command is a nice cheap counter charge unit (90 odd points for 14 S5 hits)


2 bolts are standard. good choice.

there, not great advice, but its the best your getting this eraly in the morning!