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25-09-2009, 08:04 PM
So I'm officially starting this as a log. Battlefleet Rafos.

And I know there is no carrier capacity here at all... I prefer playing the gunline, and have a few tactical tricks up my sleeves to deal with fighters and bombers.

Admiral Augustus Rafos (2 re-rolls)

Emperor Class Battleship Archduke

Retribution Class Battleship Indominatable

Avenger Class Grand Cruiser Thunderchild

Red Squadron
Tyrant Class Cruiser Pax Imperiallis
Tyrant Class Cruiser Blue Moon
Tyrant Class Cruiser Emperor's Fist

Blue Squadron
Dominator Class Cruiser Voyager
Dominator Class Cruiser Temple Guardian
Dominator Class Cruiser Hammer of Justice

Yellow Squadron
Dictator Class Cruiser Saviour
Dictator Class Cruiser Eternal Light

Rafos' Will
Sword Class Frigate Sanctimonium
Sword Class Frigate Venoratia
Sword Class Frigate Officium

Rapier Squadron
Sword Class Frigate Emeritus
Sword Class Frigate Protectanatus
Sword Class Frigate Domini

Knights of Solar
Sword Class Frigate Victoriam
Sword Class Frigate Pax Tecum
Sword Class Frigate Praemunitus

All in all, 2990 points

Generally the Archduke and Yellow Sqadron will hang together, throwing fighters and bombers at the enemy fleet and getting in the way of ordinance. The Indominatable and Red Squadron will hand back and torpedo a hole into the enemy line (with some help from Blue Squadron's Nova Cannons). At that point Thunderchild and Blue Sqadron will scream into the gap and open up broadside before peeling away across the back of the enemy fleet. the three squadrons of Sword Frigates are there to stop harrasing fire and flankers, as well as protecting the carriers and the other firegroup.

So, whaddya think?