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son of bretonnia
13-09-2009, 01:06 PM

I just found this forum ... After posting on other forums I would like to get your thoughts about my list.
I want to bring this one to a tournement. please tell m if you think it's capable.
Or do you consider it a bit over the top? cheesy? please let me know.

-1 Sorcerer Lord + Level 4 Wizard + Mark of Nurgle + Dispel Scroll + Spell Famliair + Dispel Scroll + Book of Secrets = 380 Pts.
-1 Sorcerer + Level 2 Wizard + Mark of Tzeentch + Power Familiar = 165 Pts.
-1 Sorcerer + Level 2 Wizard + Mark of Tzeentch + Infernal Puppet = 175 Pts.

I think magic both offensive and defencive is a game winner. Plus chaos combat units don't need bulky characters to help them win a combat. So I wanted to go magic heavy. with 12 power dice I think that will work. I really love the lore of nurgle because of it's viable spells. The only disadvantage IMO is it's lack of magic missles. This is why I have 2 lvl 2 wizards to back him up. Also would it be nice if I get spell 3 (pandenarium or something like that).

Core Units:
-6 Marauder Horsemen + Flails + Mark of Slaanesh = 100 Pts.
-19 Marauders + Shields + Mark of Slaanesh + Light Armour + Standard Bearer = 132 Pts.
-19 Marauders + Shields + Mark of Slaanesh + Light Armour + Standard Bearer = 132 Pts.
-6 Warhounds.
-6 Warhounds.

Aaah, my core. the lord joins a unit marauders and my other 2 mages will join the other. Warhounds are a great unit. they screen the knights. bait enemy units e.t. My horsemen I can also use as a screening unit must this be nessesary. Otherwise they are great hunters for small units/war machines and off-course flankers/support charges e.t. Love these guys.

Special Units:
-6 Chaos Knights + Mark of Korne + Standard Bearer = 290 Pts.
-6 Chaos Knights + Mark of Korne + Standard Bearer = 290 Pts.
-1 Chariot of Chaos + Mark of Slaanesh.
-1 Chariot of Chaos + Mark of Slaanesh.

My real combat monsters. I think knights are best fielded in units of 6. Because I always lose at least 1 due to shooting/magic. So I still have enough left when they hit home. I really like kornate knights. Because of the screens I never had much problems handeling the frenzy jet. Their speeds also helps me to keep them a bit in control.
then .. 2 chariots.... do I need to say more? They can work in pairs or I use them to get rid of small units. These also are fielded around the marauder units to protect enemy combat units trying to engage my wizards. I hardly enter a battlefield without them.

Well... hope to hear the thoughts of you guys.
Please let me know.

Thanks in advance.

13-09-2009, 01:08 PM
Firstly, Welcome! Go introduce yourself!

And secondly, I'm not a fantasy player, but someone will be along soon. *Insert 'On Hold' music*

13-09-2009, 07:53 PM
Overall good list, though personally I don't see why you give the chariots MoS when MoN or MoK would improve them much more. They are general purpose combat units, so either staying power or extra hits against line troops will be better for them.

Also just personal taste I feel mauraders with shields/light armour is a waste of points, I think taking those extra points for even more mauraders would be better, personally I find they last a bit longer since most units can cancel out the armour save having the extra bodies comes in more handy, means more people can die before you lose CR or break.

Just so ya know, besides the lvl 4 being MoN (I run MoT sorcs) we have pretty much the same Lord choices :D)

son of bretonnia
13-09-2009, 08:53 PM
I gave the chariots slaanesh because then they don't panic e.t. If they are nurgle. And I want to charge a fear/terror causing unit I need to test for it. With a LD of 8 I have a lot chance of failing it.

With korne I don't have this problem. But then I have no control over them anymore. They need to charge/overrun e.t. So let's say I break an unit and they flee into a forrest. They have to overun into the forrest. Now I can restrain them.
I think having control is more worth then having 2 s5 and 2 s4 attack more.

For the marauders ... I've heard the same advice on the other forum. It really started me to think. if I drop it I have 40 points to spent. Do you suggest increasing both my marauder unit for it?
Or is it better to get something else?


13-09-2009, 09:07 PM
I'd say boost them up to each units of 24.

son of bretonnia
17-09-2009, 12:01 PM
Nobody else has any tips?

17-09-2009, 02:16 PM
Aliright. I mostly agree with Logan. The Dark Gods favour this one!

I don't think that you can make a cheesy list with the WoC 7th ed. They are just not open to abuse!... But thinking about it... Have you ever seen anyone abusing a Chaos Warrior? :p

Lets start with your characters... I would definitly give them more protection!

Your Lord: I also run a Nurgle Sorcerer Lord. But I would not give him the book AND an extra spell. That means that you will be casting ALOT of spells with him, and knowing that he only rolls 1d6+1 on the miscast table makes me a bit nervous! Even with the Puppet!

What I would do is rather give the Book to one of the Sorcerers and give the Puppet to the Lord. That means that you have a level 2 spellcaster with 3 spells and he can cast all 3 each turn! And he has +1 on all casting rolls! Very handy little dude! Give it to the one with the power familiar (4 Power Dice :eek:!)

Put ALL your spellcasters on barded steeds- its very cheap and it gives them a +2 armour save just for showing up! And an extra S4 attack!

Now the one that had the infernal puppet- give him a dispel scroll and the spell familiar. Don't worry about your Lord- he can cast enough spells as it is! And you don't want to make him the only target worth going for!

Now you still have the same amount of spells and power dice, but it is spread out and more versatile!

Give your Lord something nice to protect him- like a runeshield and a magical weapon- the sword of might is always good!

Now- your core: I like Marauders! I think that they are some of the best core units out there!... But I realized that whatever Marauders can do, Warriors can do 10x better! But if you want to play Marauders, I am with Logan- you have to play them in units of 25. Either with Flails or with Hanweapons and shields. I would give them Full Command aswell!

Those Marauder Horsemen are awesome! Never leave home without them! You can even drop the hounds for another squad!

The Knights, I have found to be sufficient in units of 5! They are even better if you give them mark of Nurgle and the Rage banner! And if you play against shooting alot, give the other squad the Blasted standard.

And I also agree with Logan that the Chariot of Khorne is really awesome! Because it moves as a chariot , I've found the frenzy very easy to control! But you can even take out the chariots for another Knight squad...

Just remember, and I always say this, these are just suggestions and you should playtest as much as you can, and find what works for you!

But I hope my suggestions helped a bit!

Happy hunting!

20-10-2009, 09:52 AM
I'm not a WOC player, but i know a few people(good people)who do.
your wizards have infernal power.Woc magic is nasty and i say this as a skaven player who has 2 good spells:mad:.hopfully it will change in a couple of weeks.:D.
like LoganVivisected said. marauders with shields and light armour seems like a waste of points. but you should keep your marauders.
lastly, your lord is to vunerable. give him something like a runeshield.:D