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07-09-2009, 10:47 PM
Exalted Champion (Kossac Headtaker)
Mark of Khorne
Axe of Khorne
Favour of the Gods

Lvl 2 Chaos Sorceror (Grum)
Mark of Tzeench
Spell Familiar
Golden Eye of Tzeench

20 Chaos Warriors
Additional Hand Weapon
Full Command

15 Chaos Warriors
Mark of Khorne
Additional Hand Weapon
Full Command

1000 points

So I figure this list is pretty balanced. I have a hitty strength 6 charcter with a minus 3 or 4 (I forget what it is for strength 6) to armour saves, 5 attacks and killing blow... A Sorceror with a 3+ ward save against magic and mundane missiles that knows one more spell for his level and +1 to casts, 20 Chaos Warriors with a meaty number of attacks who actually go where I want them to, and 15 death dealing chaos warriors who's job it is to get in combat as soon as possible and rack up the kills. And possibly accompany Mr. Headtaker to the enemy lines.

Blood for the Blood God!

08-09-2009, 09:35 AM
Seems quite cool, but I do have a few suggestions...

The Sorcerer is awesome! But I would rather give him the book of secrets... then he knows an extra spell and has an extra
power dice! Then I would either give him a dispel scroll (if you want to be more defensive) or a power familliar ( if you want
to go even more magic offensive!). He will be in a squad of warriors... you don't really get much better protection than
that AND in a 1000pt game you won't encounter SO much shooting or magic, so I think the Golden Eye is a bit of a waste... Don't forget- he has an built-in 6+ Ward Save!

WoC is inhenrently a small army, but this one is just too small for my liking... But it could be quite easily fixed... You can drop your 20 warriors to 10 ... If you join your sorcerer to that squad, it will form a sqaud of 12... so deploy them in 6x2 formation... then drop your Khorne squad to 11.. same priciple... Now you can give both squads the Mark of Nurgle and give the Sqaud with the sorcerer in the Raptuous Standard and the other the Rage Banner... I promise you this will be much more effective! Now they are Khorne Warriors who cannot lose their frenzy AND give -1 BS and -1 WS to enemies!!! Give Kossac the MoN aswell, because he will benefit from the Rage Banner's Frenzy aswell!

Remember to give them shields aswell! That 3+ save vs missiles and 2+ in combat in what gives them their awesome reputation! I prefer Halberd to XHW, but i na 1000pt list it might not be such a bad idea!

I play my warriors like this even in 2250 games, and they have no problem with taking on fully ranked elite troops! Even Cavalry units are reluctant to charge them! This is really how to get the most out of your Warriors! :cool:

Now you should have some more free pts to spend and you can add some VERY useful Marauder Horsemen with Flails and the MoSlaanesh... They are AWESOME flankers and probably the best warmachine hunters in the game... Don't give them a standard though!.. Only a musician!

Or you can alternatively add 2 spawn to hold up enemy units for a turn or two, but I think you'll be better off with Horsemen... If you can add 2 squads of 5!

Now your rockin' and your scare the pants off your enemies when they get into combat with you!!!

Good Hunting mate! ;)