View Full Version : Eisenkriegspinne Auf Nuln

Inquisitor Alex
02-09-2009, 04:25 AM
This monstrosity was constructed from a Chaos Defiler, a tank trap, 2 paint pot lids, an Empire cannon, and many many bits. Took three weeks, but it was worth it.

02-09-2009, 04:26 AM
Where'd you get the idea of giving it a German name? :D

02-09-2009, 04:34 AM
Wild Wild West anybody?

Inquisitor Alex
02-09-2009, 04:50 AM
The name (Iron-war-spider) goes with all the pseudo-germanic names for Empire stuff. It's totally "Wild Wild West" inspired. Apparently the guy who made that movie has a thing about spiders. He made some terrible movie about radioactive monster tarantulas too, and there's the bit with Alan Rickham in his chair that sprouts legs. Bizarre. Someone told me about his whole spider-freak thing, and I came up with this character who's the inventor of the Eisenkriegspinne - Dieter "Mad" Morgenstern. There's a fig of him too, but I don't have pics yet. He's a legless engineer who got blown up in a volleygun misfire and now has a mechanical body that's all guns and spiderlegs. He's mental about spiders too :)

Captain Castus
02-09-2009, 08:46 AM
Wiki Wiki Wild Wild... :D


02-09-2009, 10:47 AM
Very Nice have you ever battled with it?

02-09-2009, 02:06 PM
Awesome idea! Great execution! You use it as a Steam Tank?

02-09-2009, 06:24 PM
Funny and very well build stuff!

02-09-2009, 06:27 PM
I hate you more now. The green tinge IS NOT jealousy. I'm sure it's something I ate...

Inquisitor Alex
02-09-2009, 10:18 PM
Never gotten to play with it. Couple of people refused to let me use it :) I think the best way to use it would be as an objective or a building with turrets. It could be a super-kitted-up steam tank too... I went for a very "Nuln Engineer" themed army - there's a few other kinda "steampunk\davinci on glue" bits in there too - Check out this "Luftshiffe"http://i105.photobucket.com/albums/m216/Allykz666/Empire%20Army%20of%20Nuln/Luftschiffe1.jpg
This one I have been allowed to use - As "Dwarf Gyrocopter" with 2 repeater handgunners added. It did very well against Skaven in one battle - swooped in and steam-cannoned the Stormvermin at just the right time :)

02-09-2009, 11:38 PM
I love the conversion potential of the empire.

Inquisitor Alex
03-09-2009, 03:02 AM
I love the conversion potential of the empire.

Absolutely agree - you could do a rural "Stirland" army with lots of archers (those new scout guys look ace) and militia, Convert up a rough-looking "rural count" to lead them. Do an "engineers" army heavy on war machines and Handgunners, or a cavalry heavy "buncha knights" army - those knight models are great for conversions. I did a "Golden Lions" unit using the Knights Panther bits and a whole lot of putty and fur cloaks. Dead cool. I'll out some pics of them up too - just have to dig them out. Lots of new IG to photograph today though - and I did say I'd post more ogres too.. I'll get to the knights eventually :)

07-09-2009, 02:29 AM
whoa! these are great models! very well done and painted nicely too.

19-09-2009, 02:14 AM
Wow! Those both look Great! Really great job.


30-09-2009, 06:08 AM
Where'd you get the idea of giving it a German name? :D

Errr it's the Empire? Maybe?

Another awesome thing from Alex. I'd give you rep right now but I repped your ogre and can't yet. Niiiiice. The monkey is a great touch. :)

08-10-2009, 04:48 AM
Nice, do you have any Tuts?

Inquisitor Alex
08-10-2009, 06:32 PM
Nice, do you have any Tuts?

Thanks - no tutorials on this, unfortunately. I should have been taking pics all along the way, but it was done in sections over a few months, so I wasn't thinking of it as a "work in progress" as much as a "long term project" The top turret was actually painted before I even had the Defiler kit :)

Vulpus Rex
08-10-2009, 07:24 PM
I think that Plane would make a good out rider IMHO. REP for the lovely work Alex

Inquisitor Alex
08-10-2009, 08:44 PM
I think that Plane would make a good out rider IMHO. REP for the lovely work Alex

Thanks ! You just gave me a great idea - mount it on a cavalry sized movement tray, count it as 5 outriders, and it gets less shots as you kill the guys off. Doesn't explain how you can close-combat it when it's flying though. Makes it playable at least, if not perfectly so.

Mr Jam
19-10-2009, 10:43 PM
Most excellent! When I find the +rep button on you, I'm gonna push it.

I'd quite like to see a makeshift organ gun made from 3 cannons, but I guess that would be too easy for you!