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11-08-2009, 02:48 AM
Been working on this army list for a long time.. and i think i finally got it down... what you think (ment for turnaments... not friendly play games)

Lords and heroes : 1380

Lord of change : 630
Tzeentch's will, Flames of tzeentch

Herald of tzeentch : 325
BSB, Banner of hellfire, Flames of tzeentch

Herald of tzeentch : 200
Flames of tzeentch

Herald of tzeentch : 225
Flames of tzeentch, master of sorcery

Core : 480

10x Horrors : 120

10x Horrors : 120

10x Horrors : 120

5x Furies : 60

5x Furies : 60

Rare : 140

4x Flamers : 140

Models: 48
PD: 15 + 1 bound spell
DD: 10
Points: 2000

for 2250 point turny's id simply add 2 flamers to the unit, making it 6 strong, and add another unit of 5 making the list a total of 2245 points!

The basic idea is to just fly around nuking the enemy, with solid magic defense of 10 DD

The reason for chariots on all the heralds insted of the wings is 1, it allowed them to obsorb a LOT more dmg making them last longer, dealing more dmg and 2, with 3 flying chariots and a LoC this list can actually do some dmg in the combat phase.. with some well planned flank \ combo charges... which is nice as i actually have the option of using every phase in the game.. It has some decent firepower with a potential of 8D6 shots a turn, 15 PD + very good bound spell and some semi hard hitting melee if its needed.. and 2 units of warmachine hunting furies :)

So what you think? would it do well? any changes that would make it better you think?

11-08-2009, 10:09 AM
Well, its pretty sick if you ask me!

Nah just kidding (I don't have great magic defence in my army so I'm pretty scared of this list!

Its pretty solid, mate! It does have its weaknesses, but overall it will be quite destructive! I don't like the Tzeentch Chariots so much, but thats just personal taste! (and theres no accounting for that, is there?!) BUT it just might be crazy enough to work!

Like I always say, playtest it a few times and tell us what you find. I think you will do well vs most armies, but may struggle vs the Dwarves, and MAYBE the wood elves and high elves and dark elves! Empire quite be a potential threat aswell! But I'm just guessing.

But do note it is an interesting list!

Let us know how it fares!

11-08-2009, 02:52 PM
well the top 2 threats i see for the list are

Highelves with lord on dragon.. due to the immune fire my whole army is useless against it exept for maby the banner, and the impact hits from the chariots ?? thats why i took 1 herald with master of sorcery..

the second and probably the biggest challange is a heavy infantry \ magic VC list... as the only way i get to take out his general is if 1. Im SUPER lucky with magic and blasts his entire unit in 1 turn.. or 2. charge in with my LoC and hope i kill him.. which might fail :(